2017 Summer Reading Challenge

I love the first of the month and I loathe it. The love is because of a fresh start, a new beginning, a second chance to get it right! The loathing is because it is crazy time at work and lately no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to get my desk cleared off! I used to cringe when I would walk into the male coworkers’ offices and try to locate them amidst the piles of papers that are at least eight years old (the age of our current building). Now I walk into my office and weep at the piles, even though nicely arranged. The minute I sit down I have a little pile to work on and in about fifteen minutes, it has expanded into eight different projects all in some sort of limbo as I wait on others. But I digress, that is not what this post is about. This is about the new month and the new season.

Technically summer does not begin until June 21st, but let’s face it, it’s June and when you live in the Rocky Mountains, you know summer is really only a few weeks of sunshine. Snow has been known to fly high on the Fourth of July around here.  I for one hate summer. I hate the heat, the sun, the bugs. I am completely happy to stay indoors. Picnics? Nope. Swimming? Well I would if we had a community pool (the ground is supposedly breaking soon on that…it’s a sore subject in our house). Sitting in my nice air conditioned bedroom/office? Yes please! Summer is my season of reading. There are very few, if any, new shows to watch. Hockey will be over soon and I don’t watch baseball. So all I have is time to read and craft. I set out today with a few tasks on my to do list and one of them was to set my summer reading goal. I must say it is quite ambitious…a little daunting and probably, knowing my level of procrastination, unattainable.

The List Is:

Brian Freeman (Stride series)

In the Dark
The Burying Place
The Cold Nowhere
Goodbye to the Dead

Sylvia Day (Crossfire series -  yes I read these “romance” books – not often, but this series is far and beyond Fifty Shades…)

Reflected In You
Entwined with You
Captivated by You
One with You

And finally:

Golden Prey – John Sandford
16th Seduction – James Patterson

It’s a lot of reading and I have a job and I like to play games on my iPad as a time waster. I am really hoping I can put in the time and at least get six read before September 1st (the official end of the summer season – even though I know it is the 21st or Labor Day).

I also have a movie/tv series list for summer. I will post that soon!

I am trying to ease back into regular blogging. I have missed it and now that I am older, I am finding that I can’t do everything…so I am prioritizing what I really want to do and what is just some sort of perceived expectation.


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