Movie Monday Volume 1 Issue 7: Kingsman: The Secret Service

Starring: Colin Firth | Mark Strong | Taron Egerton | Samuel L Jackson | Michael Caine Rated: R     Released: February 13, 2015

At first I wasn’t sure what to think of this film. I always find myself awed gobsmacked by British Cinema. They certainly have no problem with dropping the F and C bombs on a regular basis (see The InBetweeners). Once you get used to it, it is not so bad, but don’t watch them with your parents or children! The UK tends to have a more raunchy sense of humor and are a bit more gritty (not this movie, but their drama/thriller/mystery genres). So with that being said…

In the end I really did enjoy this movie. I love a good spy film and this was more of a spoof/satire on the whole spy genre, but it was still fun. There was action, there was comedy and there was Samuel L Jackson with a lisp. The latter might have been the funniest thing about the whole thing when you combine all of it. There was a shock I was not expecting and an ending that set up for sequels ala the Naked Gun run.


Seriously I am going to spoil the movie.

I have to say one of the things I really loved was the subtle or not so subtle, depending on how familiar you are with King Arthur, code names that referenced Arthur and the Knights. I did find it a bit odd however than when Roxy “won” the coveted spot, she was Lancelot and not Guinevere. I know they said they were replacing Lancelot, but I just kind of expected that to change when she was declared the winner.  

My favorite character was Merlin by far. He was just so matter of fact and kind of badass hot at the same time. I was hoping for an explanation for how Gazelle got her blade legs.

With all the violence of the movie, there was not a whole lot of blood. Way less than the seasons of The Vampire Diaries where Elena turned.  I think the exploding heads with the fireworks was so funny & clever.

And it took me a little bit, I admit, to realize when Valentine called “E” for access to his satellite that it was Elon Musk he was calling. I am not a super nerd who picked up on that right away. I guess I am not that technologically advanced afterall.

I would definitely watch a sequel. Especially now that I know what to expect!

Again, do not watch with your parents or children. Grandparents might enjoy it though!

I am giving this movie three and a half stars. Not that I didn’t love it, but I needed close captioning to figure out what they were saying 90% of the time. I love their accents but their slang is so hard to figure out! Guvner means something totally different than Governor!

EEK! Just saw that a sequel is in the works! AND may involve and American Kingsman! I would jump for joy if the possibility of a black eye wasn’t so high!


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