LGL: Volume 1 Issue 2: September 11, 2015

Week # 2 of Listers Gotta List. I won't lie, some of these were less than fun and really kind of lame.

Some of these feel more like journaling prompts than listing prompts. The compassion one really just irritates me. It seems so off the light-hearted/fun track of the project. I feel I am a compassionate person, but trying to just list ways in which I practice compassion is very hard to do without more context. I definitely was not feeling this week's prompts. It's not unusual for this particular list base, I often disagree or downright hate their prompts. I actually haven't finished one of their monthly challenges yet. Often they steer towards the planner community, I guess forgetting it is a Lister's challenge, not a planner challenge. They also exclude males in their prompts with such things as "Why I'm a Planner Girl". Not that I think there will be a million man march over the exclusion, but I, if I may get on my soapbox for a moment, think that excluding a gender is wrong. The feminist movement has become so twisted, I really hate to call myself a feminist. I would rather be known as a humanist...stepping carefully off the soapbox.) 

It makes it hard to keep going, but I am not going to be a quitter!


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