LGL: Volume 1 Issue 1: September 4, 2015

So another small scheduling change: I am ALSO doing Listers Gotta List this month so those will go up on Fridays and #30Lists will be on Wednesdays! Whew!

1 Favorite September Memories

  • Sister's wedding
  • Homecoming
  • First exams
  • Warm drinks on cold days

2 Favorite Phone Apps

  • instagram
  • kindle
  • starbucks
  • pacifica

3 Back to School Memories

  • school supplies
  • making paper bag book covers
  • dreaded home room!
  • handbook: no bare midriffs, no facial hair
  • shortened first two weeks
  • syllabus

4 Designs I Would Love To See On Washi Tape

Hmm...looks like jpeg is not the way to go...PNG it will be!

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