#30Lists - September 2015: Issue 1

There is a slight scheduling change for September. On Wednesdays and Fridays I will be posting my #30DaysOfLists pages, since that is what I am focusing on this month (so far that is).

>>> 1 Things You Might Have Heard About Me

X - I am proudly not a perfectionist (case in point, wonky stamping)

X - I'm chubby

X - I'm sarcastic|funny

X - I excel at procrastination

X - I hoard collect pens & paper

X - I get better with time

>>> 2 This Day Can Best Be Described As...

o - SLOW

o - Mind Numblingly Boring (Inventive - I made a new word!)

o - Censored!

o - Typical

I am also throwing in this week's Currently entry

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twitter: @LdyPngn
instagram: @LdyPngn


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