Movie Monday: Volume 1 Issue 3: The Loft

The Loft

Starring: Karl Urban | James Marsden | Wentworth Miller | Eric StoneStreet | Matthias Schoenaerts | Rachael Taylor | Isabel Lucas

Rated: R     Released: January 2015

I was really intrigued when the trailer for this movie came out. I thought it would be a really good thriller that the critics wouldn’t like.

The premise is five married men buy a loft together to use as their “playground”. A place to get away without a paper trail. A woman is found chained to the bed, dead…and that is where the story begins…

Part of the problem with this film for me is the back and forth. I am okay with flashbacks and flashforwards if they are done correctly and add to the film. The use of them in this movie was really haphazard and sometimes hard to follow. It felt as if there were a lot of stories to tell and I have a feeling a lot of footage ended up in a Hollywood dumpster.
There was a lot of back and forth between the five men about the “rules”. The rules were never defined, which was kind of frustrating for a person, like me, who tends to focus on the little nuisances.

Also, there was a lack of use of the loft. There were a couple of flashes of three of the five utilizing the loft once each, but the other two felt like they were just standing in line, never getting on the rollercoaster.

I was disappointed in Eric Stonestreet’s character. I felt like they just made him this big disgusting pig who is only into sex. Almost like they were trying to create the opposite of his Modern Family character.

I think it would have been a better movie if they didn’t have the wentworth miller character. I think they could have made a bigger impact without him.

From the trailer you got the feeling that it could possibly be the wives that figured it all out and set them up, they actually say that in the film. But there was never anything shown of the wives that would lead you to believe that. They were almost extras in the film. They never showed the home lives of these men without all the other men there with them.

In the end, it turns out it was not a good thriller and not a good movie at all.

I give it 1.5 stars. A half star for the movie and one star for the trailer song by Ruelle (I would give the song way more than one star, but in the context of the movie…)

Did you see The Loft? What are your thoughts. Hit the comments and let me know and leave me movie suggestions for the next Movie Monday.

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