Movie Monday Volume 1 Issue 1: The Bourne Legacy

Starring: Jeremy Renner |Rachel Weisz | Edward Norton
Rated: PG-13     Released: August 2012

I was a big fan of the Bourne movies starring Matt Damon. I am a girl who sometimes likes a good “guy flick”, all action, easy to follow plot or sometimes very little plot. It is fun and exciting. Mission Impossible, Die Hard are big on my list of “guy flicks”. I knew Damon had opted out of the Bourne series and quite honestly I can’t blame him, there is/was only so much one amnesiac super-spy can do. I wasn’t sure what to expect with The Bourne Legacy. I was a little leery of Jeremy Renner until I saw him in MI: Ghost Protocol and he was impressive.

The Bourne Legacy was less than impressive. In the first thirty minutes there must have been eight different location jumps; Alaska, Washington DC, New York, and on and on. I thought I was getting a bit motion sick from all the “traveling”. And thirty minutes in, I wasn’t even sure what the heck was going on. There were some references to Treadstone & Black Briar which were held over from the previous films, covert missions (ops) and then there was the mention of Outcome. Only they never really explained Outcome. You had to piece it together through random flashbacks and unnamed “participants”. Basically it was somewhere between The Matrix & Allegiant; a genetics study with green & blue pills. Oh and some random viruses that were injected into unknowing military operatives.

Once you are in the program, you get dropped off in the middle of Nowhere Alaska and have to dive into icy waters to get a Thermos, hold off a pack of wolves with Tiki Torches, draw your own blood samples and remember to take your blues & greens. Oh and you have to shoot things and climb over a big effing mountain and when you reach the “safe house”, you get to eat some very questionable food that I assume was delivered via drone and have to write reports if you drop your chems into the frozen tundra because you are fighting off wolves. Or if that is the story you tell the gate keeper. Then you get to sleep on the bottom bunk and see all the names of the men who went before you. I think you get your carving knife as part of the “choosing ceremony”. Jason Bourne did it. I didn’t see any female names. But of course they really just wanted people to see the name Jason Bourne because he is not showing up anywhere else in the movie.

You see Rachel Weisz as the genetics doctor who takes samples and injects viruses, but does not, I repeat, DOES NOT handle the chems. Then Zeljko Ivanek shoots everyone in the lab, except Rachel Weisz before doing what all of his characters do, turning the gun on himself.

Meanwhile in Alaska, a drone takes out the gate keeper & the cabin. Aaron Cross (Renner) runs into the rubble, finds some supplies and heads to the woods. There we find out that he is lo-jacked. He removes the chip and sets a trap for the wolf who has been following him, traps him then forces the gps device into him. Then he lets him loose and the run up a hill, where another drone takes out White Fang and all the CIA thinks Cross is dead.

The CIA turns their attention to Dr. Shearing (Weisz) and they try to take her out at her hidden-away haunted mansion, only they don’t succeed because Aaron Bourne Cross arrives to save the day. After they kill the CIA operatives and torch Shearing’s house, they make plans to go to Manila because that is where the virus is that they need to viral off Aaron. Yeah, nobody really knows what viral off is all about. The movie makes you believe that you can inject the subject with the virus you gave them to begin with to get rid of it in case you run out of blues & greens. Whatever you do, DO NOT take the yellows. The yellows are basically cyanide. It isn’t until they get to Manila and inject Aaron and he sleeps off the DTs that we get to the real action of the movie. There is a foot chase, a motorcycle chase and then finally everyone sails away into oblivion.

I still don’t know how someone read this script and said, “Yes, let’s make this into a movie. We ill cash in by putting Bourne in the title, referencing “Jason” a few times and flash a picture of Matt Damon from his high school yearbook.”

The movie is 135 minutes. That is 135 minutes of your life you cannot recapture.

I give this movie 1 ½ stars. I would give it 2 stars if they would have cast Keanu Reeves in the Edward Norton role and had a Laurence Fishburne cameo.


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