Friday Five: Volume 1 Issue 1: Five Fall Goals

Ugh! These forest fires are keeping me from getting much done! Living in a valley is beautiful, but come August, it is one giant bowl of smoke. A couple of weeks we woke up and I thought I would look out my window at the Continental Divide and see a raging fire. Nope! I couldn’t even see the ridge! Yesterday was the first day that I noticed it was infiltrating the office I work in, so instead of getting better, it is getting worse. But, I am going to power through and get some stuff done! Until then…I have for you a Friday Five (I have not done this in a long time).

Five Fall Goals

  1. Make Halloween & Thanksgiving cards for friends & family. It’s a lot of cards when I start to count, but I can do it. Oh and I have to do it all with existing supplies!
  2. No Spend September. I am determined to reign in my spending and September is a good time to start! I am allowing only for necessities (food, gas, medications) and a few gifts. I am going to try to stay away from Hastings and Joann’s (not too hard on the latter since our store is the worst). And then AA – AVOID AMAZON!
  3. Read! I say every month I am going to read and well darn it, now is the time. I have more than enough new books to read, it is time to make it happen.
  4. Finish at least one work in progress. I have way too many fiber projects in some state of progress and I need to actually free up some needles if I am going to continue to refuse to be treated for starteritis. My goal is to work on only one yarn project per week. If I finish it, I can work on another, if I don’t finish it, put it in the rotation and come back to it another week.
  5. Fall Fallout – or as it should be called – throw shit away! I print out so many things and I never read or do anything with it, so I am vowing to save some trees! It’s not just paper, I have a ton of crap I will never use (broken beads, tarnished costume jewelry I am never going to turn into treasure, self-help books I am never going to read, socks whose mates have divorced and made a life somewhere new…you get the idea.)
Bonus Goal: Learn Something. I have a lot of free courses and even more books to study from. I would like to make some progress. I will keep you updated on what course I randomly (thanks to the myriad of decision makers online) choose to go with.

Do you have any fall goals? Hit the comments and let me know.
Thanks for stopping by. Until next time; Stay Healthy, Stay Happy, Stay Creative and Stay Smoke Free!


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