Finished Friday: Volume 1 Issue 3: Beadling

I have two finished projects this week. I had hoped for more, but I am waiting on an order to arrive (hopefully today!) and it was really hard this week to settle in and get some stuff done.

Both projects are beading projects this week. I decided to make a couple of memory wire bracelets. Super fast and fun to do.

I sort of love this one a lot! I didn't have a pattern I followed, I just grabbed random beads and added a bit larger ones at different intervals. The only thing that matches up on purpose is the beads at either end. I decided a charm would look pretty cool so I grabbed one I thought went with the scheme. The bronzey finish seemed to complement this color scheme the best. It is removable and interchangable as I just used a lobster clasp to attach it. It could also be hung off either end loop.

The next one is random too....

I've had these beads for a long time. They are all different sizes and shapes. It was fun to just let everything go and not worry about matching things up and running out of the one bead you need for your pattern!  I added the charm the same was as the other so it is easily changeable.  I used some larger darker beads at either end just to a) use them and b) tie it all together.

I love the butterfly and purple together.

I would love to link to the products used, but sadly I have depackaged all of my beads and they have been in my stash for a LONG time.

I should have a card next week and another bracelet for sure. I would love to have a completed yarn project as well, but as I have learned there is only so much time in a day and unfortunately crafting is not my 9 to 5 that pays the bills!

Imagine my phone could capture a closer image of today's sun and then imagine that the true color of unbelievable neon pink showed up! Also, just below that sun is the Continental Divide mountain range. That is not fog, that is smoke! The wild fires have settled into our little valley town creating horrible conditions and obstructing our gorgeous mountain views. While we are fortunate that none of the fires are close to us, we suffer the effects hundreds of miles away. Sending out positive and thankfulness to our wild fire crews and the newly called up Guard to help out. Praying for some cool, wet weather to help out.

Hit the comments and let me know what you think and link your blogs so I can check out all the fun!

Until next time, stay happy, stay safe, stay cool.


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