Monday, August 31, 2015

Movie Monday: Volume 1 Issue 5: Now You See Me

Now You See Me

Starring: Jesse Eisenberg | Mark Ruffalo | Woody Harrelson | Isla Fisher | Dave Franco | Morgan Freeman | Michael Caine
Rated: PG-13     Released: May 31, 2013

I like movies where you have to think a little. I like a little slight of hand and when the characters, be it good or bad, are smart. I thought this was going to be a little Ocean’s Eleven, but it wasn’t. This was considered a “crime, mystery, thriller”. I see the crime & mystery portion, but there was nothing thrilling or thriller about this movie.

I couldn’t decide if it was fast or slow.  I wish there would have been some buildup to them working as a group. The first “trick” you see with them as a group is robbing a Paris bank as part of a Las Vegas show. Initially when the line read “Las Vegas: One Year Later”, I believed they had been working together and got a Las Vegas show, not that it was a one night sort of thing at The MGM. And it looked to be sold out. So I was all like “how did they get a show and a sold out show at that?” Then I found out they had a backer, Michael Caine. I would have liked to know how it all happened in one year.

Mark Ruffalo was good as a disbelieving FBI agent who would rather investigate any case but this one. And since the “trick” involved robbing a Paris bank, of course they bring in a blonde Interpol agent.

Morgan Freeman played a former magician, turned “mythbuster” and liked to tease Ruffalo’s FBI agent which set up showing how the magic of the Four Horsemen worked.

There were a couple of interesting twists, Tessler’s account being drained to reimburse the people of New Orleans. The death of Jack Wilder kind of surprised me. I expected them to come back and say that nobody was in the car and I thought we would get a “how he walked away” explanation.

Of course I figured there had to be an insider and I really thought it was going to be the Interpol lady. I figured her to be the daughter of the Magician Shrike that was never found after going in the river in a safe. I was definitely tricked!

Overall it was a decent movie. Nothing that I am going to rush to see again. And to be honest I was surprised to see there is a second movie that is already in post-production! That is definitely some magic.  I will be adding it to my watch list once it is released.

I’m going to give this movie 3 out of 5 stars because it did entertain me with the magic tricks, there was some action that I enjoyed and the characters were smart.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Five: Volume 1 Issue 1: Five Fall Goals

Ugh! These forest fires are keeping me from getting much done! Living in a valley is beautiful, but come August, it is one giant bowl of smoke. A couple of weeks we woke up and I thought I would look out my window at the Continental Divide and see a raging fire. Nope! I couldn’t even see the ridge! Yesterday was the first day that I noticed it was infiltrating the office I work in, so instead of getting better, it is getting worse. But, I am going to power through and get some stuff done! Until then…I have for you a Friday Five (I have not done this in a long time).

Five Fall Goals

  1. Make Halloween & Thanksgiving cards for friends & family. It’s a lot of cards when I start to count, but I can do it. Oh and I have to do it all with existing supplies!
  2. No Spend September. I am determined to reign in my spending and September is a good time to start! I am allowing only for necessities (food, gas, medications) and a few gifts. I am going to try to stay away from Hastings and Joann’s (not too hard on the latter since our store is the worst). And then AA – AVOID AMAZON!
  3. Read! I say every month I am going to read and well darn it, now is the time. I have more than enough new books to read, it is time to make it happen.
  4. Finish at least one work in progress. I have way too many fiber projects in some state of progress and I need to actually free up some needles if I am going to continue to refuse to be treated for starteritis. My goal is to work on only one yarn project per week. If I finish it, I can work on another, if I don’t finish it, put it in the rotation and come back to it another week.
  5. Fall Fallout – or as it should be called – throw shit away! I print out so many things and I never read or do anything with it, so I am vowing to save some trees! It’s not just paper, I have a ton of crap I will never use (broken beads, tarnished costume jewelry I am never going to turn into treasure, self-help books I am never going to read, socks whose mates have divorced and made a life somewhere new…you get the idea.)
Bonus Goal: Learn Something. I have a lot of free courses and even more books to study from. I would like to make some progress. I will keep you updated on what course I randomly (thanks to the myriad of decision makers online) choose to go with.

Do you have any fall goals? Hit the comments and let me know.
Thanks for stopping by. Until next time; Stay Healthy, Stay Happy, Stay Creative and Stay Smoke Free!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

WOMWDW: Volume 1 Issue 1: August 26, 2015

I decided that I didn't have enough progress this week to warrant a post. After a lot of brainstorming and trying to find a way to make enough progress in pretty much no free time, I thought I would take a stab at What's On My Desk Wednesday.  Please forgive my sad collage attempt above, I find Photoshop to be more difficult than it should be so I used my beloved Illustrator to make the sad sad collage.

Let's just get into the pictures up close and personal shall we?

First up, my actual craft desk. I have pulled some papers and supplies for a couple of cards. Also there is an errant jar of beads and a cleaning cloth for my iPad. I really need to eliminate the clutter because once I actually start making the card, there is stuff everywhere within a fifteen foot radius!

This looks a bit more manageable, but don't be fooled, it is cropped down for a reason! This is ideally where I will do my weekly planning and a lot of my coloring. It would also be a great place to write, but that hasn't happened yet. I really love this desk. It is super old and built to last. When I was in high school (and throughout college) I worked part time at a health care clinic in medical records. This teeny desk was the only real work surface we had. When a new building was built, we got a much nicer medical records area and my mom (who also worked at the clinic) purchased this desk for $25! (I think they would have given it to her, but she felt like she should pay). She got a steal of a deal. This is at least 40 years old and has every indication of surviving an apocalypse.

This is where I do the majority of my writing and Illustrator work, except I wear the glasses! You can see an empty Illustrator page just waiting for me to make some backgrounds.  That bottle? Excellent Green Tea!**

This is my "return". This pile is all the stuff I need to get through! Decipher some notes, pay some bills, put stuff away! My paper work is never done because I don't know how to get rid of paper! I am a paper hoarder.

I would show you my workdesk, but it is such a disaster I am actually ashamed. During the day when people come in, they just figure I am super busy with projects. When I leave at night, I look at it and think "tomorrow I will tackle this". Then tomorrow comes and the cycle repeats itself. I do try to leave it as tidy as I can each night and on Friday, I take the last two hours of my day to straighten it up. You know, in case I win the lottery or marry some rich movie star and don't return.

What's on your work desk today? Hit the comments and let me know and link me up to your site.

Find me all over social media @ldypngn (except periscope and snap chat because I am not cool enough to understand those sites!)

**I quit drinking pop (soda for those of you who follow that route) 19 days ago so I am drinking a lot of tea and water. Is there any tea's or other sugarless drinks that you like? Please leave your suggestions! I am trying to find a variety of drinks so I don't burn out (plus the tea above is a little on the $pendy side).

Happy What Day Is It Day to all of you. Until next time; Stay happy, stay cool, stay creative!


Monday, August 24, 2015

Movie Monday: Volume 1 Issue 4: The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Starring: Henry Cavill | Armie Hammer | Alicia Vikander | Hugh Grant
Rated: PG-13     Released: August 14, 2015

I didn’t read any reviews of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. so I didn’t realize that it was not an updated, current day movie, but rather set during the 1960’s. It was a bit of a surprise. Also a surprise, how slow this movie was. I expected a lot of action and laughs. There was intermittent action and some very subtle, sneeze & you miss it humor, but nothing like I felt was promised from all the hype.

The story involves criminal turned CIA agent Napoleon Solo (Cavill) teaming up with KGB power house, Illya Kuryakin (Hammer) to stop a criminal organization from producing multiple nuclear warheads. Joining the mission is Gabby Teller, a German mechanic whose father is the scientist working on the warheads.

It was hard to wrap my head around Hammer being Russian. At times I felt like they had a mastermind syncing up a Russian voiceover. On more than several occasions, I kept seeing Cavill as Danny Zuko. I guess the latter could be partially explained by the era this was set in (Grease was also set in the 1960s).

I have to say that as a girl, I loved the fashion! That 1960s mod style was so fab! I hope to see more of Alicia Vikander. She was phenomenal!

The ending of the movie definitely left the door wide open for sequels. This could easily become another Mission Impossible type franchise. They do need to up the action though to be successful.

I am giving this movie 3 out of 5 stars. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Finished Friday: Volume 1 Issue 3: Beadling

I have two finished projects this week. I had hoped for more, but I am waiting on an order to arrive (hopefully today!) and it was really hard this week to settle in and get some stuff done.

Both projects are beading projects this week. I decided to make a couple of memory wire bracelets. Super fast and fun to do.

I sort of love this one a lot! I didn't have a pattern I followed, I just grabbed random beads and added a bit larger ones at different intervals. The only thing that matches up on purpose is the beads at either end. I decided a charm would look pretty cool so I grabbed one I thought went with the scheme. The bronzey finish seemed to complement this color scheme the best. It is removable and interchangable as I just used a lobster clasp to attach it. It could also be hung off either end loop.

The next one is random too....

I've had these beads for a long time. They are all different sizes and shapes. It was fun to just let everything go and not worry about matching things up and running out of the one bead you need for your pattern!  I added the charm the same was as the other so it is easily changeable.  I used some larger darker beads at either end just to a) use them and b) tie it all together.

I love the butterfly and purple together.

I would love to link to the products used, but sadly I have depackaged all of my beads and they have been in my stash for a LONG time.

I should have a card next week and another bracelet for sure. I would love to have a completed yarn project as well, but as I have learned there is only so much time in a day and unfortunately crafting is not my 9 to 5 that pays the bills!

Imagine my phone could capture a closer image of today's sun and then imagine that the true color of unbelievable neon pink showed up! Also, just below that sun is the Continental Divide mountain range. That is not fog, that is smoke! The wild fires have settled into our little valley town creating horrible conditions and obstructing our gorgeous mountain views. While we are fortunate that none of the fires are close to us, we suffer the effects hundreds of miles away. Sending out positive and thankfulness to our wild fire crews and the newly called up Guard to help out. Praying for some cool, wet weather to help out.

Hit the comments and let me know what you think and link your blogs so I can check out all the fun!

Until next time, stay happy, stay safe, stay cool.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

WiP Wednesday: Volume 1 Issue 3 - August 19, 2015

Not much progress this past week. Unless you count crapping up my craft room progress! We moved a desk and a computer out and of course the desk was full of crap so it is all on the floor waiting to find a new home, which might be the garbage.  I did start a couple of new projects instead of working on existing ones.

1. On the left I have the beginnings of a wrap bracelet, although I am not loving the color combos as much as I did when they were just laying on my board.

2. On the top right we have another bracelet. This time a memory wire bracelet. This should be finished by Friday...should is the operative word!

3. Finally on the lower right I have a dishcloth on the needles. It is brown, but I am not loving it for the pattern, even though I am only two rows in, so I have pulled out another ball just in case.

And that is all I have. EEK!

I have been working on some "design" work...loosely using the word design. I really want to get back into Ai and do some more of my own stuff, but the time just never seems to be right.

What are you working on this week? Hit the comments and let me know and link me to your work!  Also, find me on social media and Ravelry using @ldypng or just LdyPngn!

Happy "What Day Is It". Stay Happy, Stay Cool, Stay Safe!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Movie Monday: Volume 1 Issue 3: The Loft

The Loft

Starring: Karl Urban | James Marsden | Wentworth Miller | Eric StoneStreet | Matthias Schoenaerts | Rachael Taylor | Isabel Lucas

Rated: R     Released: January 2015

I was really intrigued when the trailer for this movie came out. I thought it would be a really good thriller that the critics wouldn’t like.

The premise is five married men buy a loft together to use as their “playground”. A place to get away without a paper trail. A woman is found chained to the bed, dead…and that is where the story begins…

Part of the problem with this film for me is the back and forth. I am okay with flashbacks and flashforwards if they are done correctly and add to the film. The use of them in this movie was really haphazard and sometimes hard to follow. It felt as if there were a lot of stories to tell and I have a feeling a lot of footage ended up in a Hollywood dumpster.
There was a lot of back and forth between the five men about the “rules”. The rules were never defined, which was kind of frustrating for a person, like me, who tends to focus on the little nuisances.

Also, there was a lack of use of the loft. There were a couple of flashes of three of the five utilizing the loft once each, but the other two felt like they were just standing in line, never getting on the rollercoaster.

I was disappointed in Eric Stonestreet’s character. I felt like they just made him this big disgusting pig who is only into sex. Almost like they were trying to create the opposite of his Modern Family character.

I think it would have been a better movie if they didn’t have the wentworth miller character. I think they could have made a bigger impact without him.

From the trailer you got the feeling that it could possibly be the wives that figured it all out and set them up, they actually say that in the film. But there was never anything shown of the wives that would lead you to believe that. They were almost extras in the film. They never showed the home lives of these men without all the other men there with them.

In the end, it turns out it was not a good thriller and not a good movie at all.

I give it 1.5 stars. A half star for the movie and one star for the trailer song by Ruelle (I would give the song way more than one star, but in the context of the movie…)

Did you see The Loft? What are your thoughts. Hit the comments and let me know and leave me movie suggestions for the next Movie Monday.

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Finished Friday: Volume 1 Issue 2: Fanciful Color

I had hoped to get more done this week, well I hope to get more done every week, but... It was once again very hot this week, even with the occasional ten minute rain storm, it just leaves it very muggy and my studio's only window is south facing, so by the time I get home from the 9 to 5, it is like trying to work in a sauna!  But I did steal away this weekend to get a card done and then I spent some time in my cool bedroom coloring. I also have a couple of dishcloths I finished last month!


Let's start with the first one I finished...

Something Fishy

I pulled this from my image library, aka computer folder. I knew I wanted to use yellows and oranges on the fish and blues and greens for the water. I used my ever faithful Sharpie Ultra Fine Tip markers for this piece.  It took a little over three hours of pretty consistent coloring. I am not sure what will happen with this. It may be cut down for a card front or just go in my book!


I just finished this! I started it last night (see my instagram for the before picture). I used the Bic Mark It markers and then used a fatter Sharpie black marker for the heavy lines. It is reminiscent of a quilt now that I look at it. I am thinking about taking this one and cutting it into bookmarks. I have wanted to do that for a long time and I think this might be my "test" subject. If you see the before picture you will see that the heavy black borders were originally filled with circles. I didn't like the odd shapes and the spaces in between. I tried a few different color combinations before I decided I would rather have a more streamlined look.

Fancy Face

I have had this in my image library for a while and have been wanting to color it for so long. I finally did it and Oh. My. Color! It was so much fun and so rewarding! I love her and will definitely be coloring her again. I knew I wanted a jewel tone for her, the rich, bright colors are just so striking and Mardi Gras-ish. The areas are a little on the small side so I turned to my trusty Sharpie Ultra Fines again! Love them!

She will definitely be a card front one day. Maybe not this exact one (a little too big) and she will have some glitter and gems for sure!


I needed a card for my brother-in-law's birthday and I have had the What a Guy stamp set for a while just waiting for the right time. I actually bought the set with him in mind.  I brainstormed for a long time and then I came upon an alcohol inked background I had done a few months ago, but it was missing something...and then I knew what it was, a sunsetty area. So I pulled out my inks and used Butterscotch, added some directly on the card and some blending solution and then the rest went like this...

I used Tim Holtz' On The Edge Tree die and some white card stock, then went to work with some Distress Inks in the green range (Forest Moss, Mowed Lawn, Shabby Shutters, Peeled paint), added some water and then...magically the trees were beautiful. I had used some of the browns on the lower edge of the tree line for the dirt, land, but then I realized they were going up higher and the bear would be walking along, so I blended in some green onto the lower edge of the card and then covered it with some green and brown twine to disguise the line between the two pieces of cardstock. I colored some natural twine with a mix of the green Distress Inks and some water. It is a messy endeavor but so worth it! I do it a lot when I need some custom colored twine or ribbon!

I used the brown line of Distress Inks for the bear, then fussy cut him out and enhanced his eye with a white gel pen. I put him on foam adhesives and that cool shadow is natural, depending on the angle. I had a piece of brown ATC cardstock and stamped the sentiment in Walnut Stain and after decided I wanted to add some embossing (what is a card without embossing?). I used an embossing pen (first time using it), added some clear embossing powder, brushed off the powder in areas I didn't want it, heat set it and voila! (the embossed portion is No One by the way). I went to my trusty charm stash and found the only charm that would work, the cow skull (*not to self, need more charms). I love adding the charm details.

For the inside, I used the Year Round Sentiments stamp set for Happy Birthday and another image from What a Guy for the little detail. I used some more Distress Inks, green for the fish, and some Tumbled Glass for the water. I then went over the water lines & dragonfly with a Tumbled Glass Distress Marker to enhance it.

Of course I had to make a matching envelope! I used some Recollections paper (random pad I picked up on sale a couple years ago). I was able to use the mountain and elk images from What a Guy to add an extra touch.

I was then asked to create an internal envelope for the gift. And with some leftovers and a small sticker, I created this...

This card turned out pretty much like I had imagined it. Maybe even more than I imagined. I just love it and I think my brother-in-law will too!

Last month I dabbled a bit with some ATC making (Artist Trading Cards) using some kits I got from Your ATC Store.

First was an Alice in Wonderland Kit. I took the Mad Hatter, some of the embellishments and came up with this. I won't lie, I had no clue what I was going to do because I have never read nor seen Alice in Wonderland. I know a few basics.

Suited for Success is my favorite and it is double sided


I used some extra bits on this. First, I used the Tim Holtz Sewing Room die set for the spool & dress form. I used a random paper flower & inked the petals a bit to tone down the brightness. I added a scissor charm I have had for years, some twine sample and kit embellishments for the "dress" side. On the flip side, I used the Tim Holtz Measure Tape Stencil with some homemade embossing paste. After that dried, I inked it and bit. Then added some Tim Holtz Ruler Ribbon on top of some pattern piece pages from the kit with a a few more embellishments. I stamped a spool stamp in some tonal brown distress ink and then found the suited for success from my Magnetic Poetry collection and glued that down.

Hands down my best ATC yet!

And then...


I finally have a couple of yarny finished objects to share.

First up

The Bicolor Tweed Dishcloth from the Knit Picks free dishcloth patterns. I am trying to use my stash of cotton so I grabbed some partial skeins and loved the green combo. The pattern is so easy to remember and fun to knit. As always, I used my go to US 8 needles.

I could not wait to try this next one...

The Sherbet Tunisian Crochet dishcloth (ignore the curling, I have not blocked it). I had never tried Tunisian crochet before and oh do I enjoy it. It is fun! Something to break up the monotony of single crochet!  I think variegated yarn is so perfect for these types of cloths. The colors pool in so many different ways and I love the bar accents. This is just the simple stitch. Fun, fast and addictive!

And there you have it for this week. I hope you enjoyed. Leave me a comment and any questions and I will respond as soon as I see them hit my email.

Until next week: Stay Cool, Stay Happy

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

WiP Wednesday: Volume 1 Issue 2 - August 12, 2015

I got a little work done this past week. It is amazing how fast a week flies by sometimes!

I apologize for the crappy pictures. I have every light on in this room and still end up with this. Finding decent natural light after work is very difficult, plus once I get home I do not want to go back outside! It is like the 4th ring of hell out there!

First up as usual, my Movie Blanket

You can see I didn't get a lot of rows completed. I took it with me to MI: Rogue Nation and the action was just too exciting to be knitting away! I am loving the squishyness of this and I cannot wait to just take a weekend and do nothing but watch movies and knit on it. Of course in order to have a weekend to just do that, I will need to have a week off of work to get everything else done!

Next, Palette Sampler Scarf

I frogged my Palette sampler scarf and started over with a new pattern and a new color scheme. And by new pattern, I mean, simple garter stitch.

I am loving this. I am still using a US 9 needle and my samples (5 yds each). I am NOT weaving in ends right now since I frogged the last one and unweaving those ends was a huge PITA!

Then I started this: Coppers Special Project

I wanted to make my little Cooper a special "toy" but could not find a pattern for it, so I am winging it and "writing" my own.  So far this is all I have done...

Ugh. The red is so much more vibrant!  Hoping to get to work on this more as the week goes on but we do have some plans coming up.


Casting on and knitting the first row counts as a Work in Progress right? More on this next week, provided I get a few more rows done.

My color page from last week is still in its same state. I am just not feeling it. But I do have two completed pieces for Finished Friday.

What have you been working on? Hit the comments and let me know.

**I am trying to fit in a course on web design so I can create a better looking blog. For now I am trying out a free template. I obviously need to fix the header. Just another box on the to do list!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Movie Monday: Volume 1 Issue 2: MI: Rogue Nation

Starring: Tom Cruise | Rebecca Ferguson | Jeremy Renner
Rated: PG-13     Released: July 31, 2015

Ethan, Brandt, Luther & Benji are back and this time they are hell bent on taking down the Syndicate – an international rogue organization that is as skilled as they are, also hell bent on their mission; taking down the Impossible Missions Force!

I love action movies. Watching a movie with a good plot but lots of action is so exciting to me. I love the energy I feel when I walk out of the theater. I love wanting to tell everyone about how much fun the movie is. And this movie did not disappoint.

One thing I love about the MI movies is the stunts are amazing. Sure a lot of it is unlikely, after all they are Impossible missions, but in Tom Cruise movies, they are as real as movies can get without being a documentary! The motorcycle chase scene you have seen in the previews? Amazing and thrilling. It was really energizing and terrifying at the same time.

If you are looking for laughs, MI Rogue Nation has them. You may have to pay close attention, but they are there and they will make you laugh when you think about them days later.  I know a lot of people are or were turned off by Tom Cruise and his Scientology ways. Some of the movies he made were a little iffy, as if he was trying too hard to get an Oscar. But since he embraced the funny side of himself, his movies have been a fun ride. If you didn’t see MI: Ghost Protocol, go watch that before you see Rogue Nation. If you want a taste of Tom embracing life and having fun, just watch his lip sync battle with Jimmy Fallon or his ALS Ice Bucket challenge from last year.

I don’t want to spoil Rogue Nation, so I am not going to go into any detail. But, one thing that totally blew my socks off was Alec Baldwin. I had no idea he was in the movie until I saw his name on the opening credits. And the end…goosebumps.

I tend to be a little harsh when it comes to handing out stars, but I have zero problems giving this movie the full FIVE STAR treatment because it was a FIVE STAR treatment to watch!

Friday, August 07, 2015

Finished Friday: Volume 1 Issue 1: Two Cards Two Colors

I have two cards & two color pages to share in this week’s Finished Friday.

First up is the Lighthouse Card

 I had the idea to make a lighthouse card for my aunt’s birthday and I could not be happier with how it turned out.

I started with an A2 card (4 ¼” by 5 ½”) and folded it for a side opening. I then took Tim Holtz Distress Inks in Tumbled Glass, Chipped Sapphire, Faded Jeans, Stormy Sky, Weathered Wood, and Hickory Smoke, squished them on my Ranger craft mat and added water. I drug a piece of Tim HoltzDistress Water Color Paper through to create the stormy seas background. I trimmed it to size and set it aside. I then stamped the lighthouse from Viva Décor At the Seaside stamp set onto watercolor paper with Ranger Archival Ink in JetBlack. I used a Tim Holtz Distress marker in Fired Brick to color the red stripes, spreading the color with my Tim Holtz detail water brush. I then dipped the brush lightly into Fossilized Amber for the lights. After I used a bit of Antique Linen to give a weathered/aged effect. After drying, I fussy cut the light house out and adhered it to the water background with Glossy Accents. Next I trimmed a piece of the watercolor background and stamped Happy Birthday from the Hero Arts CL582 stamp set in Chipped Sapphire. I wrapped some twine around the piece at the bottom before adhering to a navy blue mat stack (I do not have the name of the stack anymore). I then adhered that to the card base. I added an Anchor charm and a few light blue rhinestone bling before stamping the gulls from Lawn Fawn’s Float My Boat set in Archival Water Can ink

On the inside, I used a saying from Simon Says Stamp Handwritten Greetings set in Memento Paris Dusk and another image from the Viva Décor set in Tumbled Glass.

For the coordinating envelope, I used an 8 ½” by 11” sheet from a Recollections Stack. I cut it to size & shaped it using the We RMemory Keepers Envelope Punch Board.  Again I grabbed a scrap from the watercolor background and used Memento London Fog for the Viva Décor anchor image and Watering Can by Archival for the name and the Hero Arts DC136 letter stamps. 

My second card this week is also a birthday card.

Runway Birthday uses the Stampers Anonymous Runway stamp set, Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Tumbled Glass & Mermaid Lagoon for the model’s dress, Offray trim (sorry I cannot find a link. I did pick these up at Walmart), Freckled Fawn Rhinestones (I cannot locate these on the FF website. I am thinking they might be discontinued. I received them in a grab bag), Simon Says Stamp Happy stamps, Archival Ink Jet Black, Versamark Embossing Ink, Zing embossing powder ingrapefruit, Ki Rhinestones, scrap vellum, DCWV Tres Chic mat stack, Glossy Accents, Tim Holtz Antique Linen Distress Ink and Wink of Stella Clear.

I started by stamping the Runway model onto cardstock with Archival Jet Black ink, the second generating stamping the image again. I used the second generation image and colored the dress using Tumbled Glass on the dress. I then added some shading using Mermaid Lagoon. After the image had dried I fussy cut it out and then applied some Antique Linen to tone down the brightness of the white. I adhered a Paris theme mat card to the pre-cut card base. I placed the model and adhered it with Glossy Accents. I then trimmed a pink piece of Offray gathered ribbon and adhered it again using Glossy Accents. I trimmed a scrap piece of Tres Chic cardstock, stamped and embossed happy birthday on a piece of vellum, embossed it with Zing’s grapefruit. I attached that to the trimmed piece of cardstock, using double sided tape. To cover the tape marks, I trimmed and punched a matching piece of the bottom layer cardstock. After adhering that to the ribbon, I “topped” it off with two large Freckled Fawn rhinestones.

I used the same inside sentiment in the Memento Paris Dusk and a Hampton Art face image in Memento London Fog.

For the coordinating envelope, I again went with the Recollections mat stack and trimmed and created it with the punch board. I used Antique Linen and stamped an Eiffel tower image from Fiskars Teresa CollinsParis stamp set.

My final two finished pieces are both color pieces.

The first is Leo the Great

I used my all time favorite Sharpie Ultra Fine markers for this image and topped his crown with a few blue rhinestones. I trimmed it to fit a 5x7 frame. I am in love with him and am apprehensive about parting with him, but he is a gift. I believe this took around an hour to an hour and a half to complete.

For my second image, I went outside my comfort zone and went with a rainbow scheme. I used the ROY G BIV series, moving from one "set" to what I thought would be the next logical set. For this I used the Bic Mark It markers and I actually really love this! I am not a big "rainbow" fan, but this I really love.  This piece took somewhere around four hours I believe. I did it over a few settings with Netflix streaming in the background.

And that is what I have this week. I am hoping to have a finished yarn object next week, along with another card and possibly another color page. It will all depend on how the week goes!

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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

WiP Wednesday: Volume 1 Issue 1 - August 5, 2015

I have had an attack of starteritis recently. I took a long break from crafting, choosing instead to just be lazy and then hating myself for not doing stuff. It happens most of the year. In July I started making plans to get back to doing stuff that makes me happy. The result is a few projects to share today that are currently in progress.

First up is my Movie Blanket

In February I decided that I needed something I could work on while watching a movie, something that didn’t require any pattern following and could be done in the dark and without really looking at it. I dove into my stash and, after nearly drowning, I came up with a lot of Cotton Ease. I decided that I would randomly choose a ball (no matter how big or how small) and just go with it. I cast on 200 stitches on a size nine needle and got started. I knit a good chunk while watching Fifty Shades of Grey (I only watched it for pop culture purposes. I had read the books so that I could make commentary and felt that I had to watch the film to continue that commentary.)

I worked on it some during the viewing of Insurgent and then I didn’t watch movies for a few months (and by few I mean FOUR). I did another portion when I finally watched The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and then another little bit this past weekend when I watched The Bourne Legacy.

I now have set Tuesdays as movie night, so you should be seeing a bit more progress on this weekly.

Next I started these Wapato Wakens.

And by start I mean just that, I cast on and knit a couple of rows. I am thinking that these look a bit too small so I may have to frog and move up one size on the pattern. I am knitting for a friend (maybe) and she is quite small, but this cuff looks like it would fit her toddler! Also, I am not 100% sold on the yarn. I did not purchase this yarn, it was a “prize”.

Also on the needles is a Factory Girl

The thought behind this is to use all my little balls of worsted yarn and create a unique and quite possibly ugly scarf/cowl.  You can see how excited I have been to work on it.l

In April I cast on this dishtowel and have clearly been knitting away at it.

I have an overabundance of cotton yarn and my sister suggested that this would be a good way to use it up.

And finally this…

…is no longer. I photographed this last night, realized that my last row was off, tried to tink back and ended up frogging and salvaging the yarn. The yarn is Knit Picks Palette. I bought into a sampler co-op and after staring at a large bag of yarn, decided a scarf would be perfect. I settled on a reversible scarf pattern and then failed to realize I didn’t have enough left to finish a row AND weave in the ends, so I put it away.

It’s all good though because I was never really sold on the color progressions and now have a new plan. A much easier plan and a much more aesthetic plan! I am hoping to have a new photo next week.

About a year ago, I got into coloring. I LOVE it! I am a total adult coloring junkie! I have finished a few pieces, and this is one I currently am working on.

I am not 100% in love with it, I wish I had chosen different colors, but it is what it is and I will be finishing it at some point. It is taking a long time. One thing you don’t realize is how long it takes! I am probably two hours into this piece. (I am using Sharpie Ultra Fine markers for this piece)

Thanks for stopping by. Leave me a comment below on what you are working on.

Until next time: Stay Safe | Stay Happy