Thoughts On: Gone Girl


·        Ben Affleck – I personally think he was the wrong choice to play Nick Dunn. First, I think he was a bit too old (if I remember correctly, Nick & Amy were in their 30s). Second, he was just a big boring dolt. Half the time I thought he was bored playing this character. I think someone a bit younger, a bit fresher would have been a better choice. I theorize that they needed a big name to draw people to the movie, especially those who had not read the book.

·        Rosamund Pike – I think she was a great choice for Amy Dunn. She is relatively unknown to a lot of US viewers and she was able to pull off the right amount of crazy. Early reports had Reese Witherspoon in contention and while she can play crazy, she would have made it hard for me to even want to watch the movie. I just am not a fan of hers.

·        Neil Patrick Harris – He might have actually been the last person I would have ever thought of playing this character. I might have even been on board with Morgan Freeman before NPH. I have never been an NPH fan from the Doogie Houser days. I pictured Desi darker, with a bit of crazy in his eyes. NPH seemed to be a little to puny. I pictured Desi with more muscles. Again, I feel that they were looking for another “name” to draw viewers in.

Book to Movie Conversion

Pretty much spot on. In every conversion, there are things that are left out and in some cases things put in that were never in the book. I could maybe think of one or two things that did not make the film cut.
True to the book, the first half of the movie was painful to get through. Very slow and boring. Honestly, if you read the book there was really no need to see the movie. Nothing in the movie brought anything more to life in the book in my opinion. Now if you have not read the book, I would skip it and just see the movie.


I don’t understand the nominations for Best Actress & Best Picture. Pike was good, but was not outstanding, definitely not Oscar worthy. As for Picture, it felt like they nominated a lot of films and threw this in as an afterthought. I could have understood screen adaptation.

I give this film



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