Winning the Lottery

If You Won the Lottery…

If I won the lottery, I would first be shocked as hell. Second, I would systematically follow this plan:

1.       Share with family
2.       Buy health insurance on the exchange
3.       Pay off all the bills
4.       Quit my job (I am assuming I hit the super big lottery and am set for life)
5.       Find a nice plot of land and build a “dream” home with:
a.       Dog park/run
b.      Secret garden for Mom
c.       Mom suite with a sunroom
d.      Heather suite with a dark/rain room
e.      Indoor swimming pool (I am going to get into shape!)
f.        Super crafting room/office
g.       Napping room
h.      Guest suite
6.       Take a vacation somewhere
7.       Invest

Definitely take care of the family & my needs first and then invest & spend some frivolously. You have to have some fun.

Maybe I would spend my days crafting & taking courses online. I would not really need to leave my house much since I would have everything I need. I can always have my food & other necessities shipped to me from Amazon.

Oh and I would hire a pooper scooper/garden/snow boy/man. I might also get me a mini/micro pig & perhaps an alpaca.

It is fun to dream. I could do it all day long.

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