Turning Dog

If You Could Turn Into Any Animal For One Day, Which Would You Pick?

After much consideration, including wanting to be nearly every animal alive, I would ultimately pick a dog. Not my first choice, but it seems the most logical. I would love to know what my dogs think, how they communicate so that we could have more meaningful interaction. It is not to say that we do not have quality & meaningful interaction, it is just that I would love to know how they mind works. Do they really hate it when I love on them after the sad puppy commercials? Are they really pissed at me when I get those daggerish eyes? Do they hate the kids screaming all hours of the day while on summer vacation as much as I do? I suspect the answer to that is "Hell Yes".

I wonder if they watch television while we do. Are they annoyed when I snark on pretty much every show I watch? Do they like hockey? I am sure they do, but still it would be nice to have that clarification.

What do they "discuss" when we are not around? And most importantly, do they have any gossip from the neighborhood? 

I would just like to understand their minds a little bit more.

Runner up animals include:

  • Gorilla
  • Elephant - although not while pregnant
  • Penguin - obviously
  • Bear - during hibernation season - a whole day of sleeping!
  • Cow
  • Pig
  • Sloth
Have you ever thought about what animal you would want to be for a day? Hit the comments and let me know or drop me a line on social media

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