Top Ten Observations

What do you see while casually observing people?

I thought I would change it up a little bit today and do a top ten list.

  1. Way too many people wear their thin, worn out pajamas in public. Especially to restaurants.
  1. A lot of women appear to be trying to reclaim their youth by wearing clothes from the junior stores. They should stop doing that, they look ridiculous.
  1. Couples either don’t realize or don’t care that they argue in public. It’s very sad.
  1. Old couples are adorable. Some are cranky but still adorable.
  1. Teenagers are more annoying now than when I was a teenager. I am sure of it.
  1. Kids are growing up way too fast.
  1. Everyone has problems, but some people need to have all the attention so their problems are always ten times worse than anyone else’s.
  1. Some parents just hand their kid their phone instead of trying to figure out why they are upset.
  1. Young people want everything for nothing. They don’t want to earn their way.
  1. Some people are more attention whores than others; there is a little in all of us.

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