The End

The End of Blogust 2014

Day 31 has arrived. I have to say that I am very proud of myself for sticking with it and completing my Blogust challenge: Blogging every day in August!

In all honesty, it was a long month of writing. I know that I could not do it every day, every month because I let a lot of things slide and was rushing until ten minutes ago to get two big projects done on time.  It was a great challenge and made me realize that I really do love to write & share, so I am going to continue a weekly schedule. I promise to include more pictures since I plan on having some freed up time to do some crafting. Actually I have a big day of it planned tomorrow and my daily September challenge is a photo a day (I have another challenge that I will post about later in the week…I have to see if I make it through the first day!).

If you stuck with me, thank you. I really do appreciate it and if not, well thank you as well. I know my life is not exciting, but it is the one I have and I am doing my best to make the most of it.

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