What is something you regret not having done last year?

Following through with things is something I always regret not doing. Whether it is diet & exercise or a project, I hate when I don’t complete something I was really gung ho about doing. I guess that is why I am still doing this blogging challenge for August. I want to prove to myself & the world wide web (remember when that is how the Internet was referred to?) that I can do it. I really can finish something I started.

In January, my goal was to focus more. I was going to do One Little Word, without knowing what all it entailed, and my word was “focus”. I didn’t even make it two days. In March I got kind of serious about staying focused at work. I tracked how long certain projects would take so that I could mentally prepare myself for them.

In mid-July, I decided that I didn’t have to wait for the beginning of the month to start fresh. I just started with a few tasks that I really felt strongly about sticking to and a month in, I am happy to say that I have not wavered, not even once. There have been times when I have wanted to “skip” it, but I remind myself that the only one who gets hurt is me and I don’t want to hurt myself anymore.

I am more happy and more centered. I can recognize the patterns & correct them.

Is there something you have regretted not doing this past year? Share with me in the comments.

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