Favorite Quote

“In the midst of order, there is disorder” ~Unknown

My professor in my very first college class wrote this on the board day one and ever since it has stuck with me. He attributed it to an unknown author and I have tried several times over the years to find the source, without any luck. Perhaps he was the author or perhaps it is so bastardized that even Google doesn't recognize it. In any event, it has been my go to favorite quote.

I look at it and I think of how it applies to everything. Even the most organized, put together organization, person, couple, etc., has some sort of chaos in their life. It serves as a reminder that we all have masks that we put on.

Do you have a favorite quote? Let me know. I am collecting them now, because why not, I have so many other things I collect, may as well add another to the list right? No, I am on a journey & am always looking for those triggers that move me a step or three forward.

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