It Takes A Lot To Get It Right

What song would you pick to represent you?

It is a lot harder than I thought it would be to pick a theme song for myself. Most of my listening library are pop songs, love ballads, disco and a few Marilyn Manson anthems that I blast when I am in a mood. I took a tour of my iTunes library and found a few contenders, but ultimately I settled on this classic gem.

 A sampling of the lyrics that are still as applicable today as they were 35 years ago (really 35 years?)

You take the good, you take the bad, 
you take them both and there you have 
The Facts of Life, the Facts of Life. 
There's a time you got to go and show 
You're growin' now you know about 
The Facts of Life, the Facts of Life.
When the world never seems 
to be livin up to your dreams 
And suddenly you're finding out 
the Facts of Life are all about you, you. 
It takes a lot to get 'em right 
When you're learning the Facts of Life. (learning the Facts of Life) 
Learning the Facts of Life (learning the Facts of Life) 
Learning the Facts of Life.

What's your theme song?  Hit the comments and let me know or drop me a line on social media

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