Grease is the word

Your favorite movie & what it is about

Grease has always been my go to favorite movie.  It is your basic boy meets girl, boy screws up, says he is sorry, girl believes him, he screws up again, girl reluctantly goes to the movies, he tries to cop a feel, boy gets hit in the balls, boy races a car, girl watches, realizes she is too plain, gets her dropout bestie to do a makeover, boy preppies up, girl skanks up, boy loves new skanky girl, they drive off into the literal sunset and live happily ever after story.

Filling in the blanks are the “mean girls”; the skanks, the chubber and the eclectic goof. The bad boys include, the most likely to land in jail, most likely to be gay, the chubber and the most likely to end up an eventual politician. It is set during senior year, where you have a very strict principal with a secret penchant for the good looking bad boys, the bumbling secretary who you are not really sure how she got the job or keeps it. The shop teacher who is so tiny I don’t know that she could even carry an oil pan, the coach who is all about sports, the jock played by a very tan and blonde Lorenzo Lamas. There is the very questionable “best dancer at St. Bernadette’s” and by questionable I mean old. And the totally pervy pedophile Snake? I think that was his name. He was super gross.

A very suggestive movie but pulled off in such a way you don’t realize how suggestive it is until you are very much older. Nothing like today’s coming of age stories.

What is your favorite movie?

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