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Your views on drugs & alcohol

It’s interesting when the world times things just right.

I am not a drinker, never really have been and I have never done “street” drugs. Neither really holds anything for me. I figure I should preface my thoughts with those facts.

I think marijuana should be legalized at a national/federal level. I think it should be taxed heavily & that money should go towards schools and healthcare. It is pretty much that simple for me.

I think alcohol should be taxed higher than it currently is and that money should go to schools & healthcare as well.

If schools had supplies and updated curriculum and paid teachers a wage that made the good ones stick around, then maybe kids wouldn’t be so quick to drink & do drugs instead of getting an education. And maybe if people had access to decent healthcare they could afford, their addictions could be treated and their demons controlled.

I live in a town that has this mentality that “in order to have a good time you have to get shitfaced”. It has always been that way. We have three major festivals in town and every single one of them has a beer garden of some kind, one has full on street bars. I think most sporting events have a beer garden, including high school games.

My high school reunion was a few weeks ago & one classmate had a teen who was offering to be a designated driver for $5.00 a ride. How sad is it that the child of a woman who is nearly 40 years old knows that his mom & friends are going to be so drunk they will need to have a ride home? Kudos for him for being responsible enough to offer to be a sober driver & trying to make a little cash on the embarrassment that is getting shitfaced at 40. I was mortified and even though I had already decided I wanted nothing to do with that reunion, was never more solidified in that decision. And there were the facebook posts about being hit by the ’94 train. Embarrassing. So embarrassing.

I don’t care if people drink & smoke weed, as long as they are responsible. If you want to get drunk, fine, but think about the message you are sending and for the love of all in this world, do not drive or operate anything, including your phone & camera! And think of what you are doing to your body!

It is a controversial topic and there is no right answer and there is no wrong answer. There are two sides to every coin after all.

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