Fear Landscape

What would you say is your biggest fear in general?

Rejection. I had a lot of choices to go with, but overall, my biggest fear (and more often than I would like) is rejection.  I am not talking about romantic relationships, I am talking about people I love and admire being upset with me, or losing out on a job that I really want(ed).

Rejection breaks people. I don’t like feeling broken & alone. I have been feeling that for nearly 24 hours now and I absolutely hate it. It is hard to put on a brave face & say it doesn’t bother me, because it bothers me to my core.

I am the type of person who needs to be reminded that she is doing a good job & that her stuff is good, pretty, creative, etc. When I don’t get that, I get paranoid & then I start to worry and then I imagine the worst and it is a cycle that I would love to break, but I don’t know how.

I wonder how one would get through this in a fear landscape?

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