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It is not a singular person, but rather a subset of people growing by leaps and bounds on the internet.l

As I mentioned earlier in the month, I am a paper addict. A couple of years ago I was surfing the internet and through a series of blog hops, I ended up on YouTube watching planner videos. Holy crap! There are a ton of them and more are posted every day. There are groups on facebook, hashtags all over Instagram, Tumblrs, and blogs devoted to it. There is even a subscription box!

It has gone far beyond the basic appointment & to do lists. These self-proclaimed “addicts” spend hours decorating their planners. Etsy is full of sellers with printables, special paper, different systems. I wish I had the time to spend researching how much money is being spent on this addiction. I am willing to bet that there are at least three people I follow on the regular who spend as much as an alcoholic if not more in one week.

No longer is one planner sufficient for a person’s life. Most of the addicts have multiple planners going on at the same time. One for blogging/social media, one for family, one for work, one for food, one for exercise, I think you get the point. Filofax is the preferred brand among many of them and DIYfish life mapping system seems to be the insert of choice for a lot.  A minimal setup will cost roughly $167 based on a personal sized planner.
                Personal Patent Filofax                                                $89.25
                Full DIYfish Life Mapping System             $39.00
                Washi Tape set                                                 $19.59
                Frixion Pen set                                                 $11.04
                24lb Ream of Paper                                        $5.95 + $2.99 shipping

Believe me that is minimal. I can honestly tell you it is easy to want to jump onto that train, but when you start looking at the costs, it just adds up so quickly!

I will stick with my simple version & maybe add a sticker here and there. Or maybe I will use all my inks & stamps & washis and try to find a local PA (Planners Anonymous) support group!

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