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In January, I cancelled my Sirius subscription because I was tired of the same music over and over. I used Spotify at work to listen to some of the mainstream music and that was fine. I used my ipod in my car and I could customize playlists and listen to stuff I actually liked.  In June, Sirius offered me five months for $20 so I decided I would give it a go. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Nope, it is still bad. Or it could be that I am getting old.

Magic!'s Rude, while catchy is not a good song when you listen to the words. It starts out nice, he is getting up, he's excited because he is going to his girlfriend's dad to ask him for her hand in marriage. Dad though is adamantly opposed to this man being his daughter's husband. But, the man doesn't really care because he is going to "marry her anyway". No place in the song is the girl ever asked if she wants to marry him. It is basically between the guy & the girl's dad. She is the bargaining chip. 

5 Seconds of Summer has an equally terrible song in She Looks So Perfect. The catchy line in the song is "she looks so perfect standing there in my American Apparel underwear.". What? She looks perfect standing in a dude's underwear? She doesn't look perfect in her own clothes? Including the "ripped skinny jeans lying on my floor"? That last lyric bothers me. A lot. I assume he means her jeans were ripped when she bought them as that seems to be all the rage, spend $200 on ripped denim (it was DIY in the 80s/90s), and that he did not rip her skinny jeans off of her body. I am also bothered by the fact that none of these band members were born prior to the late 90s and thus, would not know what a "mix tape from 94" is like and that they are getting all naked and wearing possibly used/non laundered underwear. If you can get past the lyrics and watch the video, it is even more disturbing as there are adults getting down in the underwears and dancing around in very public places. I really don't get the connection.

These are just two songs that come to mind about today's mainstream music. It obviously isn't for me. It is meant for the younger generations. I assume that the young people, much like myself at their age, don't really pay attention to the content of the song as they just memorize the lyrics & think about the hotness of the singers. When they get to be my age, they will be listening to the lyrics and scratching their heads.

Then there is another side of the spectrum, when you can't even understand the singer and you have to Google the lyrics to see if she is singing actual words. I am looking at you Arianna Grande. 

I guess at this point in my life I listen to the words more than the tune (not always, but most of the time). It is something that happens as you age I guess because it wasn't until I was into my 20s that I realized the lady Prince was after in Little Red Corvette kept a pocket full of used condoms, which is gross. 

Songwriter's of today are more to the point than they were in the past. Just listen to Give It To You by Robin Thicke and find out what "he has for you". I have theorized that perhaps people were not so appalled by Elvis' pelvic thrusts as they were about some of his lyrics. I applaud subtlety in writing and from long ago until the early 2000s, that is how music told stories. Now, it is just all out there and it is not good.

This essay is not to say that i don't like today's music, I like some of it quite well, but given the choice, I would always choose 80s on 8 over Hits or Pop2K.

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