Doin' the iPod Shuffle

Put your iPod on shuffle & talk about the first 10 songs that pop up

1.       Free song from iTunes.
2.       Very poppy & catchy tune. Betty sounds British.
3.       Easily a danceable tune.

1.       A newly rediscovered sing-along favorite
2.       Girl Anthem!
3.       Life goes on.

1.       Least favorite song on the album
2.       Cry me a river Brit Boy
3.       So glad I never ate lunch in the cafeteria

1.       He sings the classic love ballads.
2.       It would be so cheesy, but I would love to have a man dedicate this song to me.
3.       I wonder if this was a make out song back in the day?

1.       Easily a classic scene/song.  Second favorite after Score Tonight.
2.       Mentalstration kills me every single time.
3.       Why wasn’t science more like this?

1.       This is the only song I know of theirs.
2.       “Need a little lovin’ tonight…only at night?” Maybe that’s the problem.
3.       “All I need is a little love in the dark.” Definitely the problem. They need to spend some time together in the daylight with their clothes on.

1.       So different from the original. I love when they slow these 80s jams down.
2.       So are they together or not?
3.       Everyone knew it was all human nature/err in the 80s

1.       One wants a lover, the other wants a job – how did they even connect?
2.       He read her books for hours? She should not be wasting that man.
3.       She’s feeling down because nobody is reading books to her & buying her flowers.

1.       My bad day theme song.
2.       My take the day by the balls theme song.
3.       The only message I get out of this is hating every _______ that’s in your way.

1.       What is the non-video version like? I can’t find it on iTunes
2.       First heard this in an episode of Third Watch, was an awesome sequence.
3.       Inspired a small piece of writing.

1.       I wanted to wear hats all the time
2.       I wanted to make out with Damon
3.       I still know all the words
4.       90s pop rap was so cheesy

1.       How much fun would the first day of school be if the entire school broke out in song & choreographed dance?
2.       How does someone work “matriculate” into a song? That is creativity at its finest.

3.       “Better be in by ten”? I was in bed by ten. Hell I’m still in bed by ten.

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