Dear Me

Write a letter to yourself.

Dear Me,

What the hell did you do with your life? Seriously, you could have been anything and you end up a chubby, miserable loner. I know you are on this journey to self-love and I hate to tell you this, but it is a long journey & I don’t think you will make it. After all, I know you better than anyone.

You really only have yourself to blame for all the anger you have built up inside of you. Every mistake you made and didn’t learn from is all on you. Every time you were too trusting, ended up burning you to the core.  I thought you would have learned, but you didn’t. You always find a reason, an excuse. You own those mistakes, but you should not still be making them this late in life.

You need to remember one thing: Don’t trust attention whores. Don’t feed into their bullshit and for the love of god, do not tell them anything. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer is sage advice! You would be best to make that your motto. Keep your secrets to yourself and if you must tell someone, make sure it is someone you can trust completely.  

I didn’t really want to bring you down today, but then I saw a few events unfold and realized you needed the harsh truth. You needed to be reminded of the assholes who make your life hell and how you should never, ever trust them. They are not looking out for you, so why should you look out for them? You shouldn’t; throw them under the bus before they throw you under it, back it up and run you over again.

Love you…no I really do love you…


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