30 Interesting Facts...

30 Interesting Facts About...Me!

  1. I am a knitter.
  2. I believe cupcakes are bullshit. More frosting, less cake is my motto.
  3. I have never read Harry Potter
  4. Nor have I seen any Harry Potter movies
  5. If I were stranded on a desert island with only one album, I would always choose the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack
  6. One of the biggest highlights of my life was seeing Bill Clinton speak only twenty feet away from me.
  7. I feel like I might be missing out on some Harry Potter references.
  8. Every project I knit has at least one mistake in it. I don't usually bother to fix it.
  9. I am addicted to paper products. Journals, notebooks, planners, if it has paper, I want it.
  10. I also suffer from pen/pencil addiction.
  11. I get irrationally upset when I don't know anyone on the daily jail roster.
  12. I want to delete my facebook account, but fear missing out on gossip and family drama.
  13. If I could make a good living at it, I would design spreadsheets for a career. 
  14. I use algebra a lot more than I ever thought I would. The more you know.
  15. I troll the local news broadcast & newspaper on twitter & facebook, pointing out all the problems they have.
  16. I am eclectic in the things I collect.
  17. I love skulls/skeletons - penguins - happy fat Buddha - dragons - wizards
  18. I get stuff for people that I would like to have for myself. They don't get the hint.
  19. I didn't read any of the required reading in high school or college, I just took great notes.
  20. If I could do it all over again, I would study computer programming/database design
  21. Siri & I do not get along. She just doesn't understand me and I think she is a bitch.
  22. I make people laugh by being brutally honest and extremely snarky and slightly inappropriate at times.
  23. As much as I love technology & have to have the gadgets, I believe the world was a better place when we didn't have instant access.
  24. I have looked around the room more than 6 times trying to think of things about myself that might be interesting. 
  25. I am trying to beat procrastination
  26. I always use a lower case "f" when writing "facebook" because that is what their website uses. Autocorrect & spell check always tells me I am wrong.
  27. I get angry at soap operas for not being logical.
  28. I have a five year plan for writing the wrongs on General Hospital
  29. I don't have cable and sometimes I really miss it; but I don't miss the price & the asshole company that is our only choice here.
  30. I don't think I am an interesting person.

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