I am taking the challenge. I am going to blog every day in August! I have been experimenting for a couple of weeks with commitment and have seen some real success. Finally! I decided to ramp it up a bit in August and commit to blogging every day.

I thought long and hard about what the heck I would write about every day because I am sure if you have read any of my other posts, you know that I am not a girl who leads an exciting, adventure or drama filled life. I had to come up with something so I set sail on the giant world wide web (when was the last time you heard that?) and found a variety of challenges. There wasn't one list that had a prompt/theme that would apply to my life every single day, so I did what any great scientific person would do. I picked out ones that I could answer, even if it took some real thinking on my part, made a list, numbered it and then went to and came up with a daily topic/prompt, completely unbiased. By the way, it takes a long time to randomly select a day and prompt number! 31 dates, 36 possible prompts and a "random" number generator that seems to have some clear favorite numbers, much like iPod shuffle!

I can give you an example of how I didn't cheat: Tomorrow's topic...took a long time to think about and was one I was hoping wouldn't make the list. There may have been some divine intervention though, because when all was said and done and I looked at what didn't make the cut, I think someone intervened!

It was never my intention to be gone for long periods of time. I would like to say I was shocked I had been MIA for so long, but after 30 some odd years I know myself and it is not a surprise at all. I start off good, then one little thing throws everything off track. I practically stopped knitting for an entire year. I stopped reading for nine months. What has changed is that I realized that I was unhappy by doing nothing, so I am slowly trying to establish good, consistent habits. Surprisingly, I am happier and I don't dread doing things I truly love!

Stay Tuned...Lots more to come!

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