Day 2: The SMASH Challenge...

2.2.14 - 2014 Goals

  • Be More Organized
  • Focus
  • Recognize I have limitations
  • Read more
  • Write often
  • Craft what I want to craft
  • Use what I have
  • Be who I want to be and now who others think I should be
  • Be real even if it is lame & boring. It is better than being miserable & pretending.
Looks like I should add...

  • SMASH better
  • Learn to use a dial stamp!
  • Use a REAL camera

I am glad this is here. I hope to be more accountable. I should note that I completed a fairly large organizational project in EMAIL. I deleted over 3,000 emails that I had been holding onto for no reason. Feels great.

This month I am focusing on My Documents and getting rid of the clutter on my computer. So many files.


Heather said…
oh yes, I need to purge those old emails. Today I did a clean up of photo files that were in the wrong folders. What a relief to clear those up. Good for you to be working on these. Each a positive move.

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