Thoughts On: Red Dawn 2.0

Spoilers Possible

Admittedly, I don’t recall the original Red Dawn, you know the one with Patrick Swayze, Soul Man (C. Thomas Howell), Lea Thompson, Charlie Sheen (his feature debut) & Jennifer Grey. What I do recall is that the cast hated each other. And that it was a sucky movie. However, it ranks 6.3 on IMDB so a few people liked it.
Version 1 was set in Colorado & the invaders were Soviet, Nicaraguan & Cuban forces. In version 2, the setting is Spokane & the invaders are North Korean. Pay attention to this because it comes up again in another Thoughts On…
Version 2 stars Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Tom & Nicole’s son (Connor Cruise), some chick from Friday Light Nights (a show I never watched), and Peta Melark (Josh Hutcherson).
So many things wrong with this movie. So very many things. First, why Spokane? Seriously they don’t even have a major sports team. Second, a group of high school kids are going to bring down North Korean forces? Because they know how to play Call of Duty? A joystick…err controller is not the same as an automatic weapon. But, with today’s lax gun laws I guess everyone can get hold of one of those. Or maybe because they had Thor? He is a military man, but still turning Peta into a machine gun hero? That's a stretch. Third, what happen to Tom I mean Daryl’s dad? Fourth, where the hell was SWAT/National Guard? Did they recall anyone from overseas military duty? Fifth, did I miss why they call themselves the Wolverines? Is it just because it sounds cool when shouted?
And finally, why remake a shitty movie?
Bright Spot: Jeffrey Dean Morgan aka Denny. Enough said.

I was half paying attention, probably the reason I have questions. I gave this a four rating on IMDB. That is 4 out of 10. It takes a lot to get a 10 rating out of me and I can't even give this a 5. It was not good. It did provide some nice background noise while I worked.


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