One Little Word, One Big Difference

Here I sit January 1, 2014 at 6:57 p.m. trying to catch up already! I have to let that kind of thinking go. I waited until the last two days of the year to get things done. I had a two page list of “to dos”. And while I did get some of them done, actually way more than I probably ever thought I could, I didn’t get to some things. But that is okay. I am still going to do them, just a little bit later. I am pretty sure I have made it public that I suffer from the rampant procrastination virus. I have decided (of course at the last minute) that I am going to try to treat that in 2014. How am I going to do that?

Remember yesterday’s post, when I said Details Coming Soon? Well here is the most important detail. I have decided to participate in One LittleWord. I don’t have all the information yet as this is my first year and because I waited until the last day to register (well last day with a discount). The general gist, as I know it, is you pick one word and you make it your own. One would think it would be simple to come up with one word. It’s not. It started popping up on my Instagram feed right after Christmas and I thought I should do that. But I need a word. I spent a few days with the word “more”. I thought of all the “more” I would like to accomplish in 2014. Then I wondered if that was even within the guidelines? What if it wasn’t? What would I do then? A lot of people were using words like “thrive”, “fearless”, “beyond”. Those are really strong words. Actually “strong” was one of them too. I was worried my little “more” was not in the essence of the project. It wasn’t until December 31st as I was returning to the office from the bank run that I found the word “focus”. It’s like a magical little pill for a procrastinator like me. I figure if I can “focus” more, then I can get more done. See that? Two “more”s in one sentence. Imagine how many “more”s I can get done in 2014 if I just “focus”. I plan on sharing the experience with you, another thing I plan to “focus” on is this blog (more on that soon). I hope to post on Wednesdays about One Little Word(OLW).

You may have noticed that things are pretty plain around here. It won’t be forever. I just needed a clean slate to start the year with. I want to sort of design my own interface. Like everything else in life, it takes time. I want it to be my own thing. But I don’t know much about blog design so I plan on learning as I go. If anyone knows of a crash course, let me know. I plan on adding some color soon, because it is a little to sterile, while I work out what represents me.

I hope that you had a wonderful January 1st and that January 2nd is even better. I did what I wanted today, not what I planned, but what I wanted.

Here is something to "focus" on: Not letting my blog feed build up to 78!


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