The One On October 1st

I got a little off track with life over the summer. Actually I got super lazy and didn’t want to do anything, but it sounds better if I say I got off track. I spent a lot of time watching YouTube videos. I still watch YouTube videos but I now do something else why I do that.

I would love to tell you that I am going to take part in BlogTober (Blog + October), but I know I am bound to get off track, you I will just tell you that I hope to post a bit more this month.

I found my way to YouTube back in November I think it was. Almost a year? Really? Yikes! I am not even sure how I ended up there, but I did. I fell into the FiloWorld. An entire subculture dedicated to all things FiloFax. I imagine that someone could study this for a thesis. It is amazing. I also found the BeautyTubers. I did learn a bit about makeup application and that it is easy to spend a ton of money on makeup.

I found my way to other interests and fell out of sync with the FiloTubers and beauty gurus. In May I found BookTube. I thought there was a lot of money being spent on makeup, there is about a thousand times more on books. I suddenly found my Nook library filling up with books. And then I stopped reading. And I stopped watching BookTube. I went back to the FiloTube world and realized that most of those women (there is only one man I found) are hoarders of stickers, sticky notes, washi tape and filofaxes themselves. I bought one, a bright yellow Original A5. You know what? It is beautiful but I am not in love with it. I carry it around because it cost me some money, but I don’t use it. I always grab a blank piece of paper or whatever is handy and scribble down my lists and notes. Then I file those in a binder. Works for me and I don’t have to worry about scribbles and how pretty it is.

One thing that FiloTube turned me onto though was paper crafting. I am having so much fun making cards. Okay, I am having fun buying stuff. Lots of stuff. But the few cards I have made have been fun. I have to get started on my Halloween cards this week. I feel like I am ready.

I did finish a few things this summer (since Summer technically ended 9/21). I got two dishcloths done. TWO! I know, back up, don’t you wish you knit TWO dishcloths?!? I cleaned up my Pinterest boards. It is interesting to see how many broken links there are and how many things are in a foreign language. I would need the entire Rosetta Stone line to have made sense of a lot of pins. I got through most of my DVR recordings. I do admit to deleting Elementary & King & Maxwell. I really wish I would have caught onto Elementary, but I was just so bored most of the time. King & Maxwell was meh…I didn’t really care. Truth be told I am glad they canceled it. I love Jon Tenney but I can’t stand Rebecca Romeijn (I may have spelled her name wrong). It wasn’t a good show.

I also managed to build quite a nail polish collection. By the way, my most favorite polish is Zoya. I love it. I would not have been aware of it if it hadn’t been for a post on facebook about their new year special. You got three full size polishes for only $10 shipping. Three $8 polishes ($24) for $10? Yes please. I also got my mom in on the deal and suddenly we had 6 polishes. Then I found out that if I ordered a certain amount of $$$ I would get freebies and then they released Pixie Dust and suddenly I have a drawer full of polish. So much that I had to inventory my Zoya so that I don’t purchase duplicates. I finally realized why it took so long to get it once I ordered it…you can’t ship that stuff by air mail!?!? It was sort of a duh moment. It’s worth the wait though.

There was more furniture rearrangement and “moving”. In the span of three weeks I changed my new craft room twice. I will show photos soon. I have to clean it up a bit. Perhaps I can show before I start crafting and after and you can see what making one card entails!

Fall came and brought Winter along with him. Last week we had snow and today we had a torrential downpour that resulted in snow in the mountains. It has been cold and wet. It is all good though. I am a person who loves the wet weather. It just feels more cozy and I like cozy. Also, sweaters are good to camouflage the chunk.

I know I promised a picture, but this was written on my old laptop (hello Windows XP & low signal strength) and all the pictures are from 2009. And most of them are of our bathroom remodel, my dogs, and various knitting projects (nothing too special either.)

Soon though. I promise, soon.


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