The One with the Not-So-Summer Vacation

It seems as though I took a summer vacation. Except I didn’t. Things got real weird in July. There were a few doctor visits and then in August I was at the dentist three times. Yes, 3 times. Thanks to a broken tooth in July I had to get a crown put on. It’s so weird how the temporary is so much worse than the permanent. Seems like it would be opposite, but I am thankful nonetheless that it is done and as much as I like my dentist, I am hopeful that I won’t see him again until next year!

I completely failed at my Summer Challenge series. I think I read twice in July and then haven’t picked up a book since then. Unless you count EW & Soap Opera Digest, then I read constantly. I tend to start a movie and then quickly lose interest unless it is Pitch Perfect or Rock of Ages. I can’t stop watching those!

I knit a dishcloth, a small one, in August and am actually going to cast on another here in about a half an hour. Yay!

I did a lot of cleaning and then a lot of shopping. I am getting back into papercrafting. I have been making cards and am working on a small scrapbook. I have a couple more plans for Christmas gifts. I am super excited because I purchased a die cutting machine bundle. Sizzix had an awesome deal on their website and I bit the bullet that is my credit card and ordered it on Saturday. It shipped today! The next few weeks will be fun!

Next week is the beginning of the fall premiere for primetime television. I am usually really excited this time of year, but this year I don’t really have feelings one way or the other. Maybe I will get that feeling soon. Hockey is also in gear. Pre-season games have started, after just a couple of days of practice! The Penguins played on Sunday evening (they lost in OT). Pre-season is a circus of things; tryouts for the younger and some older guys to prove their worth; the NHL tests possible rule changes (hybrid icing…I am not a fan); and figuring out line combinations, who will work with whom. It is hard to believe that they will be starting in just a few weeks. Especially since last season didn’t start until January. I think this year I am going to try Game Center Live. That will give me a lot of options when it comes to viewing. Plus they have a payment plan whereas my ever-changing cable company does not offer that anymore, and I don’t know that I want to give them anymore money!

I should let you know now that I don’t have any photos for this entry. I know everyone loves photos, but when you haven’t done anything, there is nothing to take a photo of. I promise to have some next time and I promise to write more often. I guess I should also let you know that I had my fingers crossed when I made those promises.

I will be back soon though with some sort of post/update.


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