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I am just going to start July off with a reaction post to …. The Hunger Games trilogy! Yes, I finally settled in and read the series and watched the movie. I could kick myself that I did not do it earlier!

I felt like I was out of the loop because I hadn’t read the series and everyone went on and on about how good it was and they were so right! I could not put it down. I did nothing other than read every single night since I picked up The Hunger Games. And as soon as I finished Catching Fire, I had to jump right into Mockingjay.

My first thoughts when I was reading The Hunger Games, were:

·         Wow! This is a YA book? Seriously? The whole premise is children killing children for the entertainment of the “wealthy & privileged.”
·         I might be on Team Gale
·         I love Haymitch & Cinna
·         If I am reincarnated, I want to be Katniss Everdeen.
·         Does Effie live in District 12? I could not figure it out.

My thoughts while reading Catching Fire were:
·         I am totally on Team Peta
·         How are they going to get them back in the arena?
·         Oh, that’s how. Interesting
·         I don’t like Johanna
·         Wait! What? That’s how this is going to end?!?
·         Must pick up Mockingjay immediately
·         I will never think of Donald Sutherland as anything but a creeper now

My thoughts while reading Mockingjay were:
·         Is she going to be in the hospital throughout the entire book?
·         Oh, sad Finnick
·         How do they do that temporary tattoo thing?
·         So they really just live way underground?
·         She has to be just like everyone else? Really? She’s Katniss Everdeen!
·         Need more Peeta
·         Still loving Haymitch
·         Is it PlutarCH or PlutarK? I went back and forth on the pronunciation
·         Oh finally some action!
·         Whoa, Peeta what are you doing?
·         Oh, poor Peeta.
·         Johanna is growing on me.
·         Happy Finnick.
·         Now I want cake
·         Yay, more action!
·         The underground creeps me out
·         What kind of freaky voodoo do they have in the Capitol
·         Wow, it is taking forever to get to the Capitol.
·         Well duh! You should have dressed up like the Capitol freaks before!
·         Wait, what are you doing to those children?
·         Who dropped the parachutes!?!
·         NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
·         I expected that arrow to fly that way. But I thought another arrow would fly from someone else, who’s name rhymes with cheetah
·         I totally get why she wanted that pill
·         Oh, Peeta you are too sweet.
·         Seriously Team Peeta
·         Home sweet sad home
·         Sniffle
·         Happiness through my tears
·         Wait? It’s over? No. It can’t be over! What will I read now!?!?

Yeah, that was awesome. I agree with a lot of people who said that they enjoyed Catching Fire more than the other two and that Mockingjay is the least favored. For me Mockingjay didn’t have enough “fight”. And yes, I cried at the end. It was hard to make it through the last several pages because the tears were blurring my vision.

I watched the movie the day after finishing Mockingjay and I think they did a super job. They got in the most important things, but left out all of that stuff that just drug on, like the long trip, the fight for water, the storm in the arena. But they did keep in all the important stuff. I noticed that One thing, Seneca Crane was more visible in the movie than in the book. I guess that is because the book is told from Katniss’ point of view and they needed the presence of the Gamemakers. His look really fit the character.

I am super excited for Catching Fire in November. I just watched a trailer online and I am not sure that I can really wait four months!

I think it really helped me get a better feel for the characters knowing who the actors were in the movie. I think they hit a homerun with Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, Woody Harrelson as Haymitch & Lenny Kravitz as Cinna. And like I mentioned, Donald Sutherland will forever been a total creeper in my mind as Snow.

I would love to know your thoughts if you have read the series and/or seen the movie. I don’t have anyone around me who has read it so I have no one to talk to and gush over it with!

If you have not read it, you should Really. It is not my usual fair, but now I am hooked and find the whole dystopian world very interesting. I took a few days to fully digest The Hunger Games as a whole and now I am reading Divergent.

Probably no need to say, but I give this series 5 out of 5 stars! 


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