Weekly Roundup June 5 – 11 2013

The week started out with a bang of sorts. My car wouldn’t start on Wednesday morning. It was just dead. I called for a jump from the local shop we use and they came and it started. The technician looked at the battery and said that it had a 2002-2003 date on it. Say what? My car is a 2009 and I just bought this battery in September of 2012. So…really, what? I called in, said I would be late…er than I was and headed off to the shop.

As I drove to the shop I prepared my argument to the shop owner and the police. It never hurts to be prepared. I waited as they tested my battery and I waited. On the plus side, I did start a new book and it kept me quite entertained as I waited and waited. For a shop that “opens” at 8:00, there sure were a lot of people there. Finally my car was done and it was a bad battery. Luckily I had the paperwork in my car that clearly showed I purchased said battery only 8 months prior and I left owing zero dollars. They even “comped” the jump fee of $35. I didn’t look, but I am hoping this battery is from this decade.

The rest of the week was pretty darn tame after that. I did have a work meeting, a rare occurrence, on Thursday that was both very eye-opening and vague. I was volunteered for something, but I am not 100% sure what that is. Also, I am not sure anyone else knows what it is either. I have another meeting tomorrow out of town. I have a feeling it is going to take longer to get there than the meeting will last, but we shall see.

I did do some knitting. I didn’t get done what I wanted to, but I did some knitting. And I did it while watching some hockey…

Which didn’t seem to really matter, because the Penguins lost anyways and I in no way feel responsible for that. They were swept by the Bruins. A moment of silence…

I really thought that if they could have won game three, then there was a good chance of making the comeback and winning. I really did. But, when Boston won on a play that should have been blown dead (not being a homer, you can even ask Milbury), it just didn’t look good. They played really well in games three and four, but alas it was not meant to be. There has been a lot of talk on twitter about relieving Dan Bylsma of his duties as head coach, but I tend to agree with the players, he’s not playing the game, they are. I do question his line pairings. I think he underutilized Jarome Iginla. He had him playing opposite the wing he has played his entire career and while I know he believes that a forward should be able to play whatever position they are needed for, would it have killed him to put him on his usual wing? I also question the defense. Big time. I cringed every time I saw Letang in too deep and behind the oppositions net because that meant there was only one person back on defense and a two or three on one was a huge possibility. I never questioned goaltending. I think Vokoun was the right choice. I think his head was in the game and I think his teammates let him down.

I worry that Pascal Dupuis & Matt Cooke won’t be back next year. I would love to see the forward roster intact. I would love to keep Dupuis & Cooke along with Iginla & Morrow. I love Douglas Murray on defense and Paul Martin. I am okay with Letang being shopped and Engelland just being left on a trip somewhere. I just feel that we are defense rich and the young guys need a chance to play. Fleury is an enigma. Sometimes he is good and sometimes he is not even at the same game. He is a huge question mark. I think he is too unpredictable. Anyways, that is what I think. It will be an interesting summer.

I am reading Silken Prey by John Sandford and I hope to have a review up by the end of the weekend. I just started it, but it is going well and the story is progressing nicely. It is so nice to read an author that advances the story and doesn’t drag the reader down with time jumps and a ton of unnecessary description. I’m looking at you Gillian Flynn.

Coming up next week: I’m not really sure. There is not a ton of stuff going on around here this time of year. Hopefully some knitting and some reading. I am toying with some extra post ideas, but nothing is concrete yet. Definitely stay tuned because I will have some pictures to share soon.


I have learned the lesson of car shop paper work. I keep track of it like it is pure gold.

Anyway. Agree with the forwards. I think that we are the only team that would give Cooke a chance to be a forward rather than a goon and who doesn't love duper. We really need to show him the money because he has had some amaze-balls seasons with us as of late.

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