T.V. Talk Tuesday Notes – June 4 – 10, 2013

The Killing – Episodes 1-3

I finally got around to watching The Killing season premiere. I love this show. It is dark, edgy and smart. I am loving the new cast as well. Peter Saarsgard is amazing as Ray Seward, chilling and smart. Hugh Dillon has been a favorite of mine for several years and it is interesting to see him in such a different role. I am loving Bex Taylor-Klaus, the young actress who plays Bullet. She is so captivating.

After last night’s episode three, I am happy that Linden is back on SPD & hope that she starts pairing up with Holder soon. While I am enjoying his new partner, I know how great Holder & Linden are together.

There was a lot of buzz on twitter about who the killer might be after the season premiere and I have to say that I am sort of on the fence. I have a suspect, but I need more information. I have ruled some people out as they seem to obvious and I am also not sure that they introduced the killer in the first few episodes. 

As was expected, I give the season premiere an A+. They got right to the story and are not wasting any time filling in a lot of backstory.

Stay tuned, because I will be on the case every week!

This new drama from USA premiered on June 6th. When I first read the premise, I was intrigued, but when I started looking into the cast, I was a lot less intrigued, but decided to give it a go anyways.

The only actors I am familiar with in this series, are Daniel Sunjata (Paul Briggs), Vanessa Ferlito (Charlie DeMarco) and Scottie Thompson (Lauren Kincaid). And to be completely honest, I have never been impressed by any of them.

The premise of the show is a seized house in California is the home of undercover agents from various government law enforcement agencies (Customs, FBI, CIA…). When an agent is exposed, a new graduate is brought in to replace him. He is young, green and seems completely inept. It is a classic formula. New guy + sticky situation + screw up = “losing” job. Then there is a mix up and new guy gets a second chance and the skeptical mentor saves the day and then new guy learns his real task is to investigate skeptical mentor.

I was prepared to give this show maybe two episodes and then cutting it loose, based on the cast alone. But then the premiere was pretty darn good and I am upset that I have to wait until Thursday to see the next episode.

I give the season premiere an A-. Mostly because it was a classic formula but did keep me interested. I give the casting a C at best. While I did enjoy Sunjata’s character, Scottie Thompson is not a good actress. I have seen her in a few different shows and it always seems like she is trying too hard. It is not natural and I just can’t get on board with her. Also I wish that they would have cast Mike Warren with another name that I recognize. I think Aaron Tveit is fine, I just wish I knew him better.


I did watch the first few episodes of Motive. It is a new drama out of Canada that is airing on ABC on Thursday nights before Rookie Blue.

Um, the jury is still out. I am not 100% on board with the format. You learn who the victim is and who the killer is in the first few minutes and then watch as the police make the connection. It’s a little different take on the classic cop drama. In a way I feel like I am being cheated the opportunity to figure out who did it. But then I think about the books that I read where I know who the killer is and how it goes on to tell the tale of how the police solve it. So…

The actors are I believe all Canadian, much like Rookie Blue. There were a few guest stars I remember from both Rookie Blue and Flashpoint.

It is frustrating that they aired a few episodes and then are taking a two week break for the NBA playoffs/finals. It is a momentum killer.

First impression grade is a B. I was entertained, but still need time to figure out if it is a keeper.

Rookie Blue

This is almost like a guilty pleasure show for me. It is a different sort of cop drama. It doesn’t feel like a drama most of the time. It feels light and airy. Not in a bad way, they deal with serious subjects, but there really isn’t an edge to it. It’s in its fourth season and most of the cast is still intact, last season saw the loss of one of my most favorite characters, Jerry. And so far this season we have yet to see Luke.

I am in love with Ben Bass’s Sam Swarek. He is probably the edgiest character on the show. Oliver is light hearted and offers a comedic punch when you need it. As far as the females go, Andy is the main character, but I much prefer Nash. She is smart and driven. Gail is spoiled, but it appears she doesn’t expect everything to be handed to her anymore.

I guess I think of it as a guilty pleasure because it isn’t really a thinking man’s show. Things just easily fall into place and everything is wrapped up in an hour with plenty of time for the gang to hang out at The Penny.

I give the premiere & first few episodes a B. There was nothing that was stellar, just a regular episode that cleared up all the hangers in the season three finale.

Major Crimes

Season two premiered on Monday, June 10th. It was a good episode. There wasn’t a cliffhanger in the season one finale, so it was basically a stand-alone episode. I enjoyed the case, I thought it was smart and clever.

I liked that there was still a continuity of story from the series finale of The Closer in the mention of the case against Phillip Stroh and the testimony needed from Rusty.

There is one new character, Deputy DA Emma Rios. I didn’t really care for her, but that could be what they were going for.

I love the dynamic between Rader & Rusty. I just think that there is such a high level of respect and love between them, without it needing to be shown or said.

I give it an A-. I was impressed with the carry over of Stroh, but felt the story was a regular season case, nothing too dramatic.

King & Maxwell

This is a new series that debuted on Monday, June 10th, starring Jon Tenney & Rebecca Romijn. My first reaction was mixed. I love Jon Tenney. I think he pulls off his character well, I enjoyed him. My problem comes with Rebecca Romijn. I am not a fan of hers. I just think her acting is blah. I won’t lie, I do not really go into things with an open mind. I didn’t hate her in this, I need to see more to make a final decision.

Some thoughts on the episode…

·         Really that bus only hit a couple of cars? I find that a little hard to believe since the guy driving it was in a beaver suit.
·         Nice, they addressed the bus/beaver suit thing
·         I must admit I did enjoy the “reading of the rights” bit.
·         A senator vouched for them? Was that their “one phone call”?
·         No way she carries one little item.
·         Oh how sad, Hilary.
·         The FBI guy seems like a stereotypical tv FBI guy.
·         So she keeps clothes at the office? What about laundering them?
·         So he is a lawyer.
·         I would love to know how these two came together to be private investigators. They seem to have a history, it would be nice to know what it is. Perhaps they will explore that. I hope.
·         Uh, what kind of prison were they holding this guy in?
·         Oh, I see, his autism played into it, but it still doesn’t explain why nobody was watching him.
·         I still find it hard to follow all of the different government law enforcement agencies and their jurisdictions.
·         He is holding his hand in pain, yet she is not? Let’s not do this whole “girl’s are tougher” thing. If it hurts a dude, it hurts a chick.
·         See, Homeland, FBI, CIA, now NSA…what?
·         This show doesn’t really inspire a sense of security in government law enforcement agencies.
·         Oh look, a Macbook.
·         There are too many names in this show. Way too many names to keep straight.
·         Never turn your back. There is always someone there to hit you on the head. Rookie mistake.
·         Megan is not too smart.
·         Now see if CSPAN was more like that, I might watch more. And by more, I mean at all.
·         Ooh, I hope Edgar is going to be a regular character. I really like him and find him endearing.
·         Wait, Megan was in the agency? CIA? They scrubbed her because she was mental? Really? She just seemed really dumb.
·         I’m going to ask the unpopular question. Why is it okay for a woman to hit a man in self-defense and a woman, but a man never hits a woman in self-defense? It’s a double-standard that no show has ever addressed and probably never will address. It just bothers me. In real life, if I were a bad person and holding a gun on a guy and he overtook me, I would totally expect to get punched in the face. I probably wouldn’t be happy about it, but it wouldn’t be unexpected.

I give the premiere a B. I had a hard time figuring out all the different agencies and the “players”. I would have liked a little bit of backstory as to how these two became partners, hoping that is to come. I have not read the David Baldacci books that this series is based on, but I hope to read the first one soon (waiting on the e-library). I will definitely be giving this a full summer season run, so you can look forward to more thoughts on it.

What are you watching this summer? Hit the comments and let me know. Also, I am looking for some recommendations/thoughts on the following shows that I am considering beginning this summer.
1.       Game of Thrones – is it worth it? Is it hard to get into?
2.       Pretty Little Liars – I am a 30+ year old adult…okay a 35+ year old adult, but I think if something is good, age doesn’t matter. Will these girls intrigue or repel me?
3.       Burn Notice – a little late since the final season is airing now, but is it something worth watching?

Any other suggestions? I have Netflix & Hulu plus the premium channels so I get OnDemand stuff. Let me know!


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