T.V. Talk Tuesday: June 4, 2013: The Report Card Edition

Season Finale Report Card

Now that the season has officially ended, I thought I would grade the season finales of my most watched shows.

Caste: C – felt like a regular episode. It lacked the punch of a season finale

NCIS: D – Another one of these what’s going to happen to the team, only this time with a time jump. The episode was all over the map. And I still don’t know what Gibbs was working on in his basement.

Arrow: A – They did an outstanding job on a first season finale. Tons of action and enough closure so not to piss me off. They left you satisfied and eager for the new season.

CSI: D – A really slow episode that felt like it was part of a season long arc instead of just a finale.

The Vampire Diaries: B – Good job wrapping up some storylines and explaining how Bonnie will still be around & how Jeremy will be back. Elena finally chose a brother, Tyler is free to return & Stefan. Well Stefan is going to be an interesting character next season. Or should I say Stiflas?

Grey’s Anatomy: C – I really wanted to like this episode. I wanted it to be not so dramatic as the past few seasons and well…it was just meh. Meredith had the baby, had emergency in the dark surgery and then named her baby Bailey. Callie & Arizona fought (what else is new) and we had to hear about the leg again (again what else is new). Alex confessed his love and Christina & Owen broke up (again). And there is a cliffhanger of will he or won’t he die concerning Richard. It felt like a lot of recycled storylines thrown into a room with no power.

Scandal: C – I’m not sure how I feel about this season finale. I know that I don’t like the setup of another round of Fitz & Olivia can’t be together but want to be together and for that reason alone I give it a C.

Revolution: A – There wasn’t a lack of punch and it left me wanting more.  I am sad that Nora won’t be on Team Miles next season.  I have a lot of questions.
·         How is Team Miles going to get out of that bullet proof locked room?
·         Who is the President?
·         How did Bass avoid getting struck by lightning in that open field?
·         Did all of the 24 Alumni Association members die? (Terry, Audrey, Aaron).
·         When will Jason shoot his father? Why hasn’t he done it already?
·         Will The Tower still be in play next season?

With the end of the regular prime time season, I am looking forward to a few summer returns; Rookie Blue, The Killing, Rizzoli & Isles, Covert Affairs. And looking forward to some new pickups: Motive, King & Maxwell, Graceland.

I am also gearing up to watch some teaser/trailers for new shows coming this fall.

There are a lot of fun things coming up this summer on T.V. Talk.  


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