The One with the Long Overdue Update

I thought I should let the world know that I am still around. In all honesty, I have not had a lot to write about. Perhaps it is a summer slump. But I will break down what I have and have not been doing.

Television & Movies

After what I thought was going to be a strong lineup, I haven’t been watching much of anything. I have every intention of sitting down and watching new airings, but then I just can’t seem to concentrate.

The, now three week layoff on ABC for NBA Finals interrupted Motive & Rookie Blue. I did watch the first episode of Graceland on USA, but have had a hard time getting through the second episode. I just can’t really buy into “Mike”. Plus the acting is just a little meh for my tastes.

The Killing has not grabbed me. I have two episodes on my DVR now to watch. The Killing is a show you have to really pay attention to and when you have a hard time concentrating on anything for more than a few minutes, it is really hard to get into.

I did catch the new show Crossing Lines last night on NBC. I was happy to see that the case was solved in the episode and that it is not an ongoing case like The Following. I thought for a while it was going to be like that, but it’s not. It is another show that you really have to focus on though. I had a hard time hearing everything clearly. I don’t know if it is because the sound on the film was low, I felt like I had my tv sound on full. That combined with the various accents makes it difficult for a girl with a hearing problem to catch everything. I plan on keeping it in my lineup though.

Twisted. I am not really much for teenage dramas, but so many people seem to love Pretty Little Liars, that I thought Twisted my take off like that and I don’t want to be three seasons behind before I jump on the bandwagon. I find it slightly disturbing that a channel that is a family channel by definition (ABC Family) airs shows with such dark undertones and adult themes.

Soap operas may be becoming the bane of my existence. It takes all I have to fast forward through 90% of General Hospital and it is almost impossible to watch All My Children & One Life To Live, hence the lack of Soap Box Saturday posts. The stories are so contrived and regurgitated that I would just rather read the synopsis each day and call it good. Plus it causes me less anxiety over not watching them.

Elementary still sits on my DVR. It just seems to keep getting put off. Someday right?

I watched two movies this weekend. Well one and a half. I started with Dark Shadows and was highly disappointed. I was expecting something with more laughs and it just fell short and then I fell asleep.

My second choice was The Dark Knight Rises, the last in the Christopher Nolan Batman series. Well at least what everyone expects to be the last. I think the ending was left wide open.

It was not my favorite in the series and I probably should have watched The Dark Knight again prior just to catch myself up. There were a lot of lulls for me in this movie, a lot of segments that just bored me and one big distraction. I could not wrap my head around Tom Hardy being Bane. Bane seemed so large and commanding and it was hard for me to picture Tuck in This Means War as this huge, bulky, deep voiced a-hole.

Also, somewhere along the way I must have missed the whole point of Bane. I know what his mission was, but I just didn’t find him a good adversary for Batman.

Then the whole in the hole thing took forever and just…ack.

I know a lot of people thought there was too much violence, and there was, but one thing that made it seem less violent to me was the lack of blood. There were so many shootings, yet there was no blood. Just something I noticed. And the cops in Gotham are the worst. First the commissioner goes into a shootout without a vest? What kind of leadership is that? Then Matthew Modine’s character was a total wank. His characters always seem a few seeds short of a strawberry though.

I digress. That was on my list of summer movies and I am trying to get one in per week, so week one, check.


I have been doing a lot of reading. I did finish Silken Prey by John Sandford and wrote up a review. I think I am going to change from review to reaction pieces though. I am not a good book reviewer. I can rate them and react to them, but I am not good at summing things up. I don’t want to give too much away, so I tend not to summarize things well.

I finished The Hunger Games last week. Yes, I finally gave in and started the series. I have been watching a lot of “BookTube” videos and everyone has read this series. Plus I really want to see the movie. So, I started and finished The Hunger Games and it was a pretty good book. I feel like I need to read the series all the way through before I comment/react. I did have some strong reactions in the first book and now I am nearly one hundred pages into Catching Fire. I know a lot of people list Catching Fire as their favorite in the series, and I think I might know why, but still only one hundred pages in.

I can comment that the books move fairly quickly. There is more description that I like in my books, but that might be the norm in YA fiction.


This is fairly simple…I haven’t done anything in a few weeks. So many great plans to get started and then I end up looking for books or playing video poker on my iPad. Yeah, that is my life.

Up next I will have my Summer Challenge! I am really excited about it and will see you soon.


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