Soap Box Saturday: June 3 - 7, 2013

You can definitely tell that sweeps are over because the soaps were so boring this week. But, I watched anyway, most of it.

General Hospital

  • Finally people are realizing that Franco is a legit Quartermaine. That is except for the monkey that runs their facebook & twitter accounts because they legit asked if you wanted to see Kiki & Morgan together or Kiki & Michael together. Yes, they are apparently condoning incest, as Michael & Kiki are blood relatives…
  • Why are soap opera courtroom proceedings so quick and awkward? I realize it is a soap opera but you would think that since they spend nine months trying to figure out who the killer is, they could spend more than nine minutes on throwing the case against said criminal out!
  • Holy Boobs Batman!! First, during the Nurse’s Ball, Alexis was flaunting some boobage and then when Franco was being arraigned this week, Diane was about to burst out of the top of her dress!
  • And speaking of clothing & cleavage, have you ever noticed the clothing these “professional” women wear? I can’t imagine a corporate office that would be cool with an employee sporting a strapless tube top with a skirt that barely covers her ass cheeks.
  • I admit that I fast-forwarded through a lot of this week’s episodes. I cannot get on board with the Patrick/Britt/Sabrina/Felix gang. It is too contrived for me and I just have to say no. You know, for my sanity.
  • Further, I can’t watch Spinelli & Ellie. I have never been a Spinelli fan, he is so freaking annoying that I want to punch him every time he opens his mouth.
  • And I am sure that everyone who watches can see where the Baby Danny cancer story is going. And if you can’t, let me help you along. He is going to have leukemia (poor thing) and need a bone marrow transplant. There is only one person who will be a match and that person will be Franco. Since, you know he is Jason’s twin. Yeah, fun summer ahead.
  • I have to honestly admit that I do like Roger Howarth as Franco. Of course I don’t really consider him to be the same Franco. He is nuFranco, somewhat likable and almost lovable.

All My Children
  • AMC is getting difficult to watch. Not that I was ever a huge fan or anything, but there was a summer I started watching and I tuned in a lot during the primetime t.v. writer’s strike. Plus I am a loyal Soap Opera Digest reader, so I always knew what was going on. But, I am just not a fan and these are some of the reasons why.
  • It will be interesting to see if the actress playing Cassandra can speak without crying.
  • I don’t like nuJR. He is just too goody goody for my taste.
  • Are they leading up to a JR/Cara relationship?
  • I cannot get on board with Pete(y) running a multi-million dollar business and dating an 18 year old.
  • Pine Valley is not that big of a city is it? It shouldn’t be that hard to find Russian sex traffickers.
  • And why would Russian sex traffickers set up shop in Pine Valley? I would think you would want to be closer to a big city, a metropolis.
  • I am so over Angie having these monologue moments where she does nothing but cry and wail about her missing daughter.
  • Ugh, nuColby. The show has enough ditzy characters, they didn’t really need to add the stereotypical blonde one.

One Life To Live
  • I know I am supposed to remember Snoop Dog’s connection to Llanview, but I don’t. I don’t think he would be sticking around some hole in the wall town in PA and randomly dropping by Matthew’s apartment. 
  • What app is Tea using to chat with? It looks pretty weak. She’s still working right? She can afford $1.99 for a decent app.
  • I would think that Destiny’s family would be more than willing to help her out. They were super supportive on OLTL 1.0. Plus her brother Shaun was her biggest supporter.
  • And where the hell is she getting the money for that apartment? That is a really nice apartment and she wears some pretty skanky clothes, so I am not buying that she is having a tough time. Plus I don’t like her.
  • The whole Viki/Pellegrino/Clint/Dorian saga is already old and it is just getting started.
  • I cannot take David seriously anymore. I used to love him, but this whole actor/producer/reality thing is just too much for me.

There was some additional breaking news this week concerning the AMC/OLTL production. They are now on hiatus because of a labor dispute. Sigh.

First they went from four episodes per week per show, to two episodes per week per show, to now not even filming. The schedule is going to be uninterrupted through September, but if an agreement is not reached or if they move production there could be a delay and how many people are going to stick around?

They have brought new writers, but is it too late? I guess time will tell. But perhaps it is time to cut them loose and welcome in Y&R to my schedule?


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