Weekly Roundup: May 1 - 7, 2013

I’ve decided to forego WiP Wednesday since it doesn’t seem quite right to show the same picture week after week of zero progress. Instead, I have decided to do a Weekly Roundup mish mash of a post.

Summer Goals

I have set myself some Summer goals this year. I do this every year, but for the first time I feel like I am in the right place to get some done. I decided to start my “summer” in May because it seemed like a good starting point and who wants to wait until mid June?

I have a list of fifteen or sixteen books to read, and I have crossed one off my list. I read 12th of Never last week (you can read my review here). I was set to start Silken Prey yesterday, but I am trying to get through Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects. I had hoped to be done today, but it isn’t looking like that is going to happen. My reading list is very flexible as there are always books I am finding to read. I do hope to read the rest of the Virgil Flowers series and maybe be ready to read Rizzoli & Isles starting in the fall. Time will tell.

I couldn’t go a whole summer without some knitting goals. Some are just tidying things up, but there are a few new projects. I haven’t really felt like knitting the last week. I just haven’t felt inspired. I feel like this entire year has been one big knitting funk. I hope to break free of that soon.

I spent a lot of time trying to decide what I would do with myself once all the prime time shows aired their finales and hockey ends. So I thought about movies I want to see and compiled a list. But the more and more I think about it, I think there are going to be plenty of things airing this summer for me to watch and if not, that is more time for reading! We will see though. The good thing is, by the time I am ready to watch a movie, I can usually get it on a premium cable channel and not have to pay extra.

I have my summer lined up workwise. I often have down time throughout the month where I am searching out things to do, but this year I have solved that problem.  I will be studying software programs in hopes of getting my certification(s). That is exciting and will keep me busy & interested. I hope to be that go to person in the office. That is something I think I would LOVE.

Week in Review
The first 7 days of May just flew by! I love when the first falls on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. It is a busy day for us at work, always a scramble to get our bed day invoicing done. When it falls on one of these three days, it makes the weekend much more relaxing. You don’t have to worry about the people who don’t work on Monday being there. So having it on Wednesday was great. It went well too. Thursday was a great day to get caught up and prep things for ap for this week. Friday was a short day. Our CEO always has a nice luncheon for Administrative Professional’s Day a week or so after the actual day. The last few years it has been on a Friday and then we are done for the day. The last couple of years we have gone to a local Mexican restaurant. This was the first year he told us we could drink if we wanted to. It is always a nice time. We always receive a very generous gift certificate to a local “fancier” restaurant and the last few years there have been extra drawings as well. It was a nice way to end the workweek and enter the weekend.

The weekend was a weird one for us. Usually we have a list of errands to run, but this weekend we didn’t really have anything we had to do. We went to a local nursery to look at flowers and hoping to see their made up fairy gardens. Alas the gardens were gone. It is still too early to purchase flowers for the garden beds as I am sure we are due for some snow before the month ends. It’s Montana. It is to be expected. We had a very nice lunch and then spent the day just relaxing.

On Sunday I watched hockey and did some knitting. I spent most of the afternoon and evening reading. Again just a very unusual day for us.

The rest has been work, work and work. Work has been great. I am ahead of schedule (my own imposed schedule) and that feels great. I can start clearing out my email in the next few days.


Well the Stanley Cup Playoffs are in full swing and things have been iffy. The first game for my beloved Penguins went extremely well. A 5-0 win. The second game was where things started to become questionable. They lost the game late. They definitely were not in game one form. When Sunday arrived, I expected a different team to show up. A team that was set on winning. The team that showed up, while they one, was not the team I had hoped for. And last night? Game 4? Ugh. It was awful. I love my team, but this just isn’t them. They seem to have a problem getting through the first round. I don’t know how they expect to win the Stanley Cup with the last few performances they have had. Something is not right.

And twitter? Oh my twitter. I was so fed up last night that I had to finally just turn it off. The way the fans were blaming players and turning on them. That is not my definition of a fan. I fully admit when the team doesn’t play well and nobody likes their team to lose, but the way these “fans” were going on and on, you would think they all play in the NHL and are destined to be Jack Adams coaches. (Jack Adams is the coaching trophy awarded at season end). I actually made the comment that my timeline was the very definition of bipolar!

And that is my week. I hope you are having a great May and that your week is going well. Our weather has changed into a definite Spring. It is quite lovely and warm. The carnival is coming to town over Memorial Day weekend, so we are bound for a lot of cold, rainy/snowy weather. But for now, we will take all we can get.


Heather said…
I don't generally set summer goals, but do like the idea of starting summer now. This weekend I'd like to get the cover off the camper and get it spring cleaned and aired out. I still have books I wanted to read last summer that I didn't get to. of well. I do plan to machine quilt a couple of quilts and continue to work on some Zentangle projects. That's enough for me to put down on in ink.

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