TV Talk: The Following - Season Finale

If you have not seen the season finale of The Following and you don't want to be spoiled, click away now, because I am going to spoil it. 

I have been looking forward to the season finale for The Following for a couple of weeks now. I felt that it was time for this to come to an end. I was getting bored with Compound Crazy. Bored with Joe trying to write his book. Bored with Emma and her love for Joe. Blah blah blah.

The first half of the finale was all about finding Parker. Last week a couple of followers buried her alive and this week the hunt was on. After some FBI tracking, they find the car and follower Alex who opened fire on the feds. After some quick thinking by Ryan, Alex was in custody and then was "interrogated". Once they had Alex's cooperation, they set out to find Parker. She was on the phone with the trusty FBI tech lady. Hardy & Weston are en route when Parker says her peace, her goodbyes. They reach her just a few minutes too late and when Alex laughs it off, Ryan executes him.

I was holding out hope that they would be able to revive her. I really liked her. I thought she worked well with the team and her death hit hard.

That was how the first half of the finale ended. Literally with a bang.

The second half of the finale was all about finding Claire and the conclusion of Joe's book. Emma was in charge of getting Ryan to the Lighthouse where Joe was keeping Claire and where he also killed some poor boat driver to show Claire that it was all him. He was a killer. Yeah, I kind of got that in the first episode when he strung up and murdered the doctor, or a few episodes later when he killed his lawyer, but whatever you have to do to get your point across.

Ryan wakes up next to the crackling fire with a bound Claire and Joe. Of course it would all happen at night. After Joe threatens to start carving up the woman he loves, Ryan starts to push his buttons and a rumble ensues and pretty soon Ryan & Joe are in the boat house and then the gun goes off a few times and there is a big fire. I am sure you can imagine what happens. Joe ends up in the fire, Ryan runs as the whole boat house burns and then explodes. Ryan & Claire reunite on the pier and I am the only one left wondering where the hell Emma is. I don't trust that snippy little bitch. 

The FBI finds pieces of Joe (later it is confirmed through dental records).  And while every news station in a fifteen state radius airs about Joe being confirmed dead, we see that little snip Emma in a long red wig chowing down and some diner crying. Pretty sure we will see her again.

Ryan decides to take Claire to his place & then they will fly to DC to meet up with little Joey. What mother agrees to this? Wouldn't she want to be immediately reunited with her son?

So back at Casa Ryan, they share a kiss before they both realize they are hungry. Ryan orders up some delivery (looks Chinese when it arrives), while Claire takes a shower. Ryan sets the mood with an iTunes playlist, then sets into cutting open the delivery bags. Have you ever noticed that when you get Chinese the bags are always so tightly tied that you need to cut them open? Nice to see it happen on screen too. Although it was more to set up for a knife being left on a table while Ryan checks the hallway again. He returns to find the knife gone and then his bed buddy Molly shows up and skewers him. And when Claire stumbles upon him writhing and bloody on the ground, Molly skewers her too. And then fade to black.

This was an ok finale. It wasn't spectacular, it didn't leave me wanting for more, it was just ok. 

I was wondering what they were going to do for a second season when they got picked up. I started to figure the last few weeks that it was going to be about finding the rest of the followers. And that was pretty solidified tonight. I think the hunt will be on for Emma, Molly and the rest of Joe's Crew.

I have to wonder if it is going to turn out like The Killing. Where you spend two seasons waiting to see how it all ends. Don't get me wrong, I love The Killing, but I am not sure I want to sit through that again. 

I guess there is some margin that Joe could come back, and that would pretty much put me over the edge and off this show for good. 

What are your thoughts on the season finale of The Following? Are you going to keep watching or has your interest waned? Hit the comments and let me know.


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