The One with an Update of Sorts

I haven’t been in a very bloggy place for a while now. I am all messed up on days and time. It seems as though, May skipped right past me. Tomorrow is the 31st and as I look at my goals, I failed in a big way. I had so much get up and go in the first couple of weeks and then I just hit a skid. I think I can blame some of it on a medication change around the middle of the month. I am starting to feel on track again.

I hope to pick up my knitting again soon. I have two new projects started, but I haven’t felt drawn to them lately. I am actually thinking about picking up my Hitchhiker and working on that. Possibly even tonight. It would be great to reclaim some of my row counters & needles. Part of the reason my knitting has been lacking is the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

For the previous two playoff seasons I had picked out specific playoff projects with a specific yarn. Both times my beloved Penguins were ousted in the first round. This year I vowed no playoff projects and banished the cursed yarn. I knit a little during the Islanders series and they lost a couple of games so I put it away. This season they made it to round two. I thought, well I will knit a little and see how it goes. I did in the first period of a game and they started losing. So I put the knitting away and they started winning. Lesson learned. No knitting during Penguins playoff games. I am perfectly waiting until June 29th to knit if it means the Penguins raise the Stanley Cup. I do have a few days before the Conference Finals start so I might get a few rows done.

The end of the month snuck up on me this week. I knew it was the end of the month, but I didn’t realize just how quickly it was going until last night when I realized I had not started prepping my June spreadsheets. I started them this morning but still have a ways to go. Hoping I can get it all done by the end of the day tomorrow. Exciting and stressful at the same time. I love the fresh start of a new month.

Behind our corporate office they are building a  new brewery (never mind that our company is building a chemical dependency treatment center next door) and beginning on Tuesday, protesters showed up to protest fair wages. We were enthralled by it on Tuesday, there were almost fisticuffs and things were tense. And we had no clue what they were protesting. Then there was an article and I read it twice and it stated it was not a union issue, but it is a union issue. I know they want the carpenters to be paid the area standard. I also know that yesterday they started chanting and today they have brought a whistle with them and it is no longer entertaining. It is annoying and distracting. They obviously have no consideration for those of us who are paid a fair wage and trying to get our jobs done, or for the people who live in the area.

My mom and I took a little day trip this past Sunday to see the Tizer Gardens. It is just under an hour away and is tucked back in the mountains. It was lovely, although I expected more. I thought the separate gardens they have would be a bit more grand. As it is, they are all sort of clumped together and there is no signage so you are kind of unsure which garden you are at. Plus the trails seem to make one odd circle and you have to backtrack a lot. Just didn’t feel cohesive to me. We ended our visit just before the rain hit.

And that is a little end of the month update. I won’t promise to be on track in June, although I really hope things start to fall into place. I feel I am a bit more settled as there were some things that were up in the air, but have settled down to earth and I know better where I stand on things.

Thanks for reading. 


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