Soap Box Saturday: May 13 - 17, 2013

  • I am a little annoyed that Cara’s secret still isn’t out. I blame it on rebooting the show with a time jump. Usually the audience is aware of the secret, but they haven’t clued the audience in yet.
  • So glad Dixie finally clued AJ in to the fact that his father, JR has been in a coma for five years and that is why he didn’t recognize him.
  •  And speaking of JR, he seems to be going home from the hospital in a hurry. He’s in a coma for five years, wakes up and goes home the next day?
  • This sex slave thing needs to be wrapped up in a hurry, I can’t handle Cassandra crying all the freaking time. Plus I am so over the half-naked people.
  • I think if JR was going to go to jail, he would already be there. I am sure they have medical wards in Pennsylvania penitentiaries.
  • Only took two weeks for me to really hate David again.
  • We all know that Miranda is going to find out about her paternity soon right? I mean why else bring it up?
  • Cinnamon is Lea, who up until now we have only seen in the opening credits. How did the FBI not know that the people they are investigating for money laundering are also in the sex slave business?
  • I really can’t stomach Pete & Celia. It is all to sugary sweet and just so Disney.
  • David is going to go into the corporate world? Really? I know he can’t practice medicine, but still… 


  • So Victor is leaving town? Does that mean they didn’t sing Trevor St. John to a contract?
  • I am assuming that Prospect Park and The Online Network got a HUGE deal from Apple because everyone is using a Mac product. EVERYONE
  • There is a lot of skin and drinking on this show. I am not sure showing youngsters getting bombed and stripping is really the way to peddle to the young crowd.
  • So the pairings will be Jeffery & Destiny and Dani & Matthew. Just in case you didn’t see the blatant writing on the wall.
  • So this nightclub thing is going to be a real presence in OLTL 2.0 and apparently that is the only place you are going to see Cutter, Rama & Natalie.
  • Victor isn’t very good at killing people. And what person uses the worst return on a web search? He probably used Bing instead of Google.
  • Nice to see that they are finally getting to the dead person from episode one.
  • Did Natalie even study forensics? Because her handling of evidence is atrocious. Watch an episode of CSI people!
  • What’s the rush Clint is in to marry Viki? It’s not like she is pregnant and unwed. Plus they have been down the marriage road before? And why doesn’t he give her money for The Banner? He must have some if he is going to jet her off to Paris and buy a whole new wardrobe with a personal shopper.
  • Yeah, Jack is pretty screwed up DNA wise. I mean look at what a little witch Starr was when she was younger. And Jack is/was a bully. It’s not like Blair is an angel, and we all know what Todd/Victor is capable of, so yeah he is screwed up.
  • Are they going to do a Catfishing storyline with Matthew & “Michelle”? Because that is really getting played out.
  • Wow. Lanview Crime Lab works as fast as the CSI Miami lab. DNA in a day? Not even a full day!
  • You would have thought Victor would have cleared the browser history on Tea’s computer.
  • Who’s watching Lanview citizens? And how did he/she get a camera in everyone’s house? Cable guy?

General Hospital

  • Seriously I know everyone is supposed to hate Brit, because every show needs that, but I have never wanted to punch someone so much in my entire life. Maybe it would be different if she were pretty, but she’s not. She needs to just GTFO.
  • Um, how far is NYC from Port Charles? Because it seems that Michael got to Morgan pretty damn fast.
  • And why didn’t anyone try to track Morgan’s phone to NYC? It was on the entire time! CSI reruns for the writers at GH!
  • I am not a fan of Felix.
  • This relish thing needs to go away in a hurry. How long has this been going on? A year? Five? They are completely wasting Tracy and AJ. They should have had them be co-CEO’s of ELQ. That could have been so entertaining, but instead they do this stupid relish thing just to bring in the lead in show The Chew? I want to barf like the Chew hosts all did.
  • Did they sign Tyler Christopher’s chest to a contract? That is the only reason I can think of for him to be shirtless 98% of the time. I’m not saying it’s not a nice chest, I am just seeing too much of it.
  • And speaking of Nik’s Chesticles. Kudos to the writers for Tracy’s jab about his half nakedness and daytime drama. Spot on!
  • The OLTL Trio returned to Port Charles on Monday all sporting new looks as if that would make us forget they were Todd, Starr & John.
  • All three made brief appearances not in Port Charles, but in New York City and now they are all going to transplant to Port Charles?
  •  Kiki? Love the dark hair. But her character is so hateable right from the start. Plus isn’t it going to be kind of gross when she separates from Morgan and then hooks up with Michael? You know that will happen because the fans loved Starr with Michael.
  • Uh Silas…Steven/Caleb didn’t resemble you, he had your exact everything!
  • I loved the Connie/Olivia dynamic/relationship holding the bad guy “hostage”. They were a breath of fresh air in the staleness of the Morgan gambling storyline.
  • Why did neither Carly or AJ think about telling Tracy the reference to them sleeping together was about their past hookup that produced Michael instead of being so transparent?
  • I thought it would be fun to have Scotty back, but he is just so insecure and jealous. Be a man.
  • I would love for Luke & Tracy to get back together. I think they play of each other so well and are always entertaining.
  • The Nickolas/AJ/Elizabeth thing has been done before but it was Lucky/Jason/Elizabeth.
  • Is GH the first soap of rewind aging? I could swear the last time I saw Cameron he was much older than he now appears.
  • Why isn’t Lucy at the wedding? She is like Scott’s BFF, even if she is his ex.
  • I would like to know how long they are going to draw this Lulu lost memory thing out. I realize they did it because of the change in actresses and all, but seriously it is getting old. She is always in a t-shirt and underwear at Milo’s studio and he is always shirtless. I would think she would want to get out and about a little bit. Maybe buy some pajamas. Also isn’t Wyndymere going to bring back some bad memories? It is not like anything good has ever happened there.

Other Soap Opera News

  • Y&R has decided to kill off legendary character Kay Chancellor after her portrayer, Jeanne Cooper’s passing last week. The storyline will come to fruition in late summer.
  • A special tribute to Cooper will air in the regular Y&R timeslot on May 28th.
  • Look for Dimitri Marick to resurface in Pine Valley, as Michael Nader has signed with AMC. It is reported that Brooke hires him to head up a division of Chandler Industries.
  • Susan Lucci is scheduled to sit down with Prospect Park in an attempt to bring Erica Kane back to Pine Valley.
  • It looks like one of the characters behind Cassandra’s kidnapping on AMC is none other than daytime’s best pimp Billy Clyde Tuggle as Matthew Cowles reprises his role. Who I honestly cannot remember. 


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