Soap Box: Week of April 29, 2013

All My Children

AMC returned last week with four all new half hour episodes. It was explained early in the first episode that there is a five year time jump, which allowed for a few things:
·         AJ (Ace) & Miranda are teenagers
·         Petey is a Silicon Valley app mogul
·         Brooke & Adam are not yet married
·         David Hayward spent five years in jail for manslaughter and was released in the first episode
·         Angie & Jessie’s kids all moved away
·         Dixie is in mourning…
·         Someone is in a coma
·         There is a girl’s school

Throughout the week we learned:
·         Zach & Kendal are not together
·         Marissa died (looks like David killed her)
·         JR is the one in the coma
·         Miranda is taking some heat over Bianca (her mother) being gay
·         Angie went to the parole board and vouched for David
·         Cara did something shady with the baby she was carrying (it was David’s baby)
·         New character Celia has an unknown guardian that I am sure is going to be the center of a mystery for a little while

I learned a few things this week as well:
·         The term Vagitarian – I must admit it is clever and I have never heard it until the first episode.  Presumably it is a play on vegetarian in the sense that the proclaimed Vagitarian prefers the company of women.
·         Dixie is still an annoying character
·         David is always going to be hated
·         Too much Angie & Jessie will cause a person to lapse into a diabetic coma

One Life To Live

OLTL also returned this week with the same structure as AMC. It has yet to be explained how much time has passed, but here are the things we now know:
·         Natalie has a new place to live & little Liam is now walking and talking quite well
·         Matthew is/was living with Bo & Nora and was caught with Oxy
·         The Oxy belonged to troubled Dani
·         Tea is not accepting the loss of her and Victor’s child (the loss was carried out on General Hospital)
·         Todd is back in town, presumably from Port Charles
·         There is a new club opening, Shelter, owned by Blair and managed by Cutter
·         Rama is still around (I still don’t understand this character)
·         Clint & Vicki are engaged.
·         Vicki is out to get Dorian as her new crack reporter Jeffrey broke a story about some senatorial wrong doings on Dorian’s behalf.
·         David Vickers is still trying to make it in film, now filming his own reality series
·         Victor is alive & sort of well
·         Dani od’d on Oxy & alcohol at the opening of Shelter.
·         Destiny is raising Drew, her son with Matthew and receiving money and babysitting help from Bo & Nora
·         Victor was held by Allison Perkins of all people and has a new mysterious tattoo. I also think he killed someone
I read that there was a six month time jump, but on today’s episode (May 6th) Dani proclaimed to be 21, which negates a six month time jump and puts it at 3 years. This makes more sense with the age of Natalie’s son and the changes that have happened.

I think having the characters of Starr, Cole, Hope, Tea, Tomas, Blair, Todd & John McBain on General Hospital did a lot of damage to stories on OLTL. The actors who portrayed Starr, Todd & John are set to return to GH at the end of this week as all new characters as ABC/GH & Prospect Park could not come to an agreement on licensing the characters. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

General Hospital
GH continues its 50th Anniversary year. This week…
·         The secret is out. Ellie knows that Maxie’s baby is not Dante & Lulu’s but Maxie’s & Spinelli’s.
·         Nikolas is out of the hospital and in bed with Tracy. At least as far as relish is concerned.
·         AJ & Carly knocked boots in his childhood bedroom much to Monica’s and every viewer’s chagrin.
·         Johnny try to contact Carly, but she refused to talk to him. So he reached out to Connie & she paid him a visit.
·         Turns out Morgan is in some gambling trouble and will be heading back to town. Just as soon as Sonny can find him and drag him back. Look for a new aged Morgan soon.
·         Britt needed someone to hold her hand while she decided NOT to have an abortion. Her plan all along.
·         Felix & Sabrina are on to the Britch’s lying ways and Sabrina confronts her on Cliffhanger Friday.
·         Spinelli is hot on the heels of Franco’s mystery daughter after talking to his adopted mom, who has a secret of her own.
·         AJ, Michael & Duke are set to take the new recipe Pickle Lila to The Chew to face off against Prince Nik & Tracy’s, Pickle Eddie.
·         Elizabeth turned down the Prince to take another chance on AJ
·         Looks like Olivia might be getting a little closer to Sonny than just a friend.
·         Lulu still doesn’t know who she is and spent most of the week with Milo in his studio apartment.
I was super excited when AJ returned, but this version of him is a little too much for me. He is a little too in my face. Between, him & Elizabeth and him & Tracy and him & Carly and him & Michael and him & Relsih…blech.

I can see that Olivia is on her way to Sonny’s bed, and so can Johnny and he is in Pentonville!

The fun that was the 50th Anniversary is winding down into what looks to be a long and boring summer.  There will be an infusion of new characters with the OLTL trio returning, plus the aged Morgan. Also heading to GH is Maura West. The awful actress from As The World Turns and Young & the Restless. It looks as though she could be the new wave of mob drama in Port Charles. 


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