T.V. Talk: Dallas Season 2 Finale

For a whole week I waited for the season finale of Dallas. When we last left off, John Ross had secured Pamela’s share of Barnes Global by marrying her in Vegas!!! And Christopher found out his mother, Pam was alive and well in Switzerland!! What?

The writer’s needed two hours to answer all the questions of the season. And they did it in grand fashion.

The Ewings were in deep. Cliff had taken over Ewing Energies after buying their loan and then calling it due. With their trouble with TESHA, they were in no position to pay that loan. Not to fear though because JR had drawn up his Master Plan and Bobby put the final pieces in to play.

First up they needed to gain control of Cliff’s company. John Ross ticked off 1/3 ownership when he married Pamela. For real.

Christopher jetted off to Switzerland with love Elena (who had recently hooked her on the run brother up with some cash and an untraceable cell phone). He was unable to find mommy dearest at her “husband’s” house, but made plans with a mysterious investigator to keep tabs on the comings and goings. While looking for a cell phone charger, he found Elena’s secret cell phone and called the only number in memory and immediately spoke, ever so briefly with Drew. Ruh Oh Shaggy. After a heated conversation, Christopher dismissed Elena (who apparently caught a rush return flight to Dallas).

Upon hearing that his mother was clearing out her account, Christopher hightailed it to the bank only to discover that the woman posing as his mom, was not his mom. After a chat with Pam’s plastic surgeon, it was revealed that Pam passed away from pancreatic cancer. Right before she finished her treatments that would have allowed her to reunite with her family. Further, Cliff set the doc and his wife up with a nice little setup to make it look as though Pam were still alive and thus he essentially controlled her shares.

Back in Dallas, Pamela & John Ross had discovered Pam’s death certificate and now the Ewings had 2/3rds ownership in Barnes Global. They also conveniently had Cliff’s gun that killed JR & his flight log that showed he was in Mexico the night of JR’s death. Dum dum dum…

Oh and Pamela got confirmation that her father gave the order to blow the rig knowing full well that she was on it.

Let’s take a different path in the journey to the end…Drew was hanging out looking for Roy who was on the lam and tracked him to some sort of small town and put his well thought out plan into action. He set Roy up to go to prison for a long time and Roy did. Go to prison that is. Not for as long as anyone thought though because he was shanked in the neck and died.

The Ewings also got little Miss Emma involved when she moved back into Ryland’s mansion. She eventually drug her father, stole his cartel ledger and briefcase. He is in jail and she is…

Pamela was able to get Cliff down to Mexico without problem and upon checking in, he was confronted by all the Ewings and the Federales. He was taken into custody and proclaimed his innocence in JR’s murder. And you sort of believed him. Because if Cliff were ever going to own up to anything, it would be killing JR.

Back in Dallas, John Ross and Christopher confront Bobby and JR’s gravesite to learn the truth. The truth is that JR was dying of cancer and only had a few days to live, so he set in motion everything that would be needed to bring Cliff down. Including getting Bum to steal Cliff’s gun and shoot JR. So technically, Bum killed JR. Sort of a mercy killing. If you are going to go out, you may as well go out big.

Elena has essentially been dumped by Christopher and is lamenting her troubles to Mama Ramos at home when a package is delivered and her presence is requested in a Mexican jail to visit with Cliff Barnes. Say What? She heads to Mexico and Cliff informs her that JR used some good old trickery to dupe her grandfather and thus father out of barren land and that the land that really belongs to the Ramos family is the Ewing land. Whoa. She is upset and heads for a very heavily fortified compound to meet up with an old childhood friend just as Christopher is banging on her door professing his love. I get the feeling that next season is going to be about Elena claiming her birthright.

Pamela is ready to start fresh on Southfork with John Ross. So I guess they did marry for love. Well at least she did, because while she is picking out bedding, he is crumpling some bedding at what I think might be his old penthouse where he is with…Emma. That girl sure does get around. Oh and she delivered Ryland’s briefcase to John Ross. So I am also assuming that in the midst of Elena’s adventure, John Ross is going to try to hone in on Ryland’s trucking company…maybe.

Is anyone else wondering what is going to happen to Mama Ryland with Harris in jail and Emma not in the loop? Did they drop the ball on that or are they going to revisit it again next year? Because I love Judith Light.

So questions…
  • ·         Were you satisfied with the “Where is Pam Barnes-Ewing” question that has been hanging around since the series premiere?
  • ·         Could John Ross be anymore of a man whore?
  • ·         Who is going to get Cliff out of Mexican jail?
  • ·         Is Elena going to be a force to be reckoned with?
  • ·         Who had Roy killed? Harris? Cliff? The Governor?
  • ·         Will Sue Ellen get her 30 day chip?
  • ·         Did Bobby enjoy the sweet taste of JR’s play book?

Hit the comments and let me know your thoughts.


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