The One with the Extended Spring Break

It seems that time is getting away from me. I do apologize for my absence and complete lack of posting. I feel like I have been on my own little spring break for nearly a month now!

I had a wonderful visit with my sister, brother-in-law and nephews. It was nice to be able to spend time with them. After their visit, I had to readjust to working life…after taking three days off. I can’t imagine taking a week or more at one time! I was so tired last Tuesday, that I fell asleep during the Penguins/Carolina game. Woops!

I have been knitting. I don’t actually have anything new on the needles at the moment. I plan on rectifying that tonight after a little mani action. So if I don’t have anything new on the needles, it must mean that I a) didn’t knit at all the last few weeks b) finished something c) a combination of a & b. The answer is…c. I finished a project and I took some time off. I do have a share post to get up. I have the photos taken, now I just need to get the post done. But first, things first, I have to get something on the needles tonight for WiP Wednesday!

I am in the midst of planning my summer reading/viewing/project lists. I am super excited. I plan on starting my summer reading on May 1st. Summer viewing (movies) will start sometime after season finales and cleaning up some DVR backlog (hello Elementary. I see you lurking all the way back from November). And my summer projects are set to begin around April 30th or so. I always try to plan a playoff project and usually fail miserably. But it is not going to keep me from trying. I am NOT going to try to knit with the cursed Penguins yarn this year. I think two years in a row of a first round ousting is enough.

I am warming up for summer reading with NYPD Red by James Patterson which I started recently. And for projects warm up I am putting together a binder of patterns that I have recently purchased/banked in my library and am picking out yarn for this week. It is going to be fun to go stash diving. Plus I have a little idea in mind that is begging to be knit, so I might make that my warm up project.

The weather is decidedly spring….for Montana. We are having some snow flurries, nothing to get to worked up for. I am always amazed at people who complain about the snow/rain/coldness of spring when they live in areas that are notorious for it. I have a hard rule that I don’t wear socks past April 1st. That is the beginning of sandal season for me and true to my rule, I have only worn socks to work once last week and that is because the shoes I chose to wear hurt my feet without socks. Today I am wearing my new Clark sandals. And I already know that they will be my go to sandals for work. I also got a pedicure last night and am so in love with the polish color, I am stripping off my mani from last night and redoing it tonight. In my defense, the mani I did last night looks horrible. I used a Nicole by OPI topcoat with hearts and the hearts look like I smudges in my polish. It is not cool, not cool at all. And to boot, getting those hearts out of the bottle? Mission Impossible!

Do you have a summer reading list? A summer movie list? I am so far behind on movies, I have yet to see Dark Knight Rises and Pitch Perfect, two of my must sees from last summer/fall. I would love to hear what books and movies you plan on reading/seeing in the coming weeks and months. Also, what projects are you working on this summer? Christmas gifts? Light & airy? Big & bulky? Hit the comments and let me know.

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