Bookmarks: NYPD Red

James Patterson & Marshall Karp

I picked up NYPD Red on a whim. I have long been a fan of the Women’s Murder Club series by James Patterson and after reading the blurb on this book, thought it sounded like it would be a good read. I wasn’t wrong.


The Chameleon is writing his own script and acting it out in the real world. And what better time to do it than Hollywood on the Hudson week in New York City? When a movie producer turns up dead on day one, NYPD Red is called in to investigate. A special unit of the NYPD, Red is tasked with handling high profile cases. Detective Zach Jordan is called into action along with his new temporary partner and former love interest, Kylie MacDonald, who just happens to be married to a television producer. Once the bodies start to pile up, Jordan & MacDonald must act quickly to find a master of disguise before he reveals his big finale.

The story moved along at a very nice pace. It wasn’t filled with empty words & description. One thing I have always appreciated about James Patterson is his chapter lengths. They are short and begin and end at an appropriate place. He doesn’t feel the need to bog them down.


Detective Zach Jordan
                A very likable hero, Jordan is well grounded and good at his job. He is level headed and obviously a trusted detective. I really liked him. I wanted more of him in the book.

Detective Kylie MacDonald
                An irritating, rule bending, if not all out breaking hotshot, MacDonald borders on juvenile. It is clear from the minute she enters NYPD Red that she has not grown up.

The Chameleon/Gabriel Benoit
                A villain who truly sees himself as the writer/director/star of his own little movie. You are unsure if he is brilliant or delusional. Or perhaps a little bit of both.

Final Thoughts: 

I am hoping this book is the first of many NYPD Red books. It felt like the opening of a series. I feel invested in the characters, even Kylie MacDonald. There is a plethora of storylines waiting to be told among the rich and fabulous of New York.

As with most of Patterson’s books, I still wonder how much of it he actually wrote.

I give this book 4 out of 5 bookmarks. 


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