WiP Wednesday: Volume 3 Issue 11

This week has been so crazy I sort of forgot it was Wednesday until I sat down tonight & turned on hockey only for it to be NBC NHL Rivalry Night. Oops!

I do have some works with a little bit of progress. I have had to put some things on hold. Namely the Winding River Cowl. And to be perfectly honest I don't think I will be picking that back up. Eh...save the yarn for some lovely baby items.

Speaking of baby, our family recently, as in two days ago, found out that there are twins on the way (a boy and a girl). Actually they are due in three weeks! A panic I am in.

So...first up this is what is on my needles right this minute

Doesn't look like much yet, but it is an Aviatrix using some Cascade 220 Superwash. I have never knit this before, no idea why. It is shaped by short rows and then I am assuming there is some sort of pickup or grafting as it calls for a provisional cast on.

Before news of impending twinage, I was happily enjoying knitting these...

The Tin Kitchen Blanket squares. I am using some Knit Picks Shine Sport in Green Apple and

White. Loving it. So much fun. I tweeted that it seems a bit oxy-moronic to knit a square in the round. This is how addictions start.

And speaking of addictions...

I eeked out one measly hexagon.

I definitely have the motivation. I have put school work on hold until after the first week of April. I have put all other knitting aside. I am hoping these babies like their comfy home right now and give me time to get something done for them.

What are you working on? Do you have a quick-go-to baby knit? Please let me know! I am desperate!

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Heather said…
I haven't knit since the end of January. It still will be put off a bit so I can crochet a kitten for my nephew. I like your round knit squares.

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