WiP Wednesday: Volume 3 Issue 10

March is upon us and I am tentatively doing at KAL for March. So I do have some progress made on that....

...some, not much. This is something like eight rows. Maybe ten. It is the Winding River Cowl and is a 2x2 rib that is so boring I zoned out at one point and had to be "awakened". Yeah. I thought it would be fun because I thought A) it was knit in-the-round. It is not, it is knit flat and then bound off with a three-needle-bind-off. B) would go fast. It is not going fast at all. C) was a cable pattern. Technically it is, but there are two cable crossings in the 28 row pattern. TWO!

I can't be 100% that I will finish this at all in March because....well because it is so freaking boring to knit at this point. I am not a huge fan of rib to begin with, it's fine for an edge on a hat or sweater (not that I knit a lot of sweaters or any for that matter), but a whole "scarf" of it? Blech.

So in the mean time, I worked up a few more hexagons

I sort of play this game with my scrap balls of cotton. I am convinced when rolling them and holding them that there is more than enough for a hexagon and then the pattern and crocheting mock me when it gets close to the end that there is not going to be enough. Lately I have been winning, but I am expecting to lose big here soon.

I actually worked on another couple of things, sort of a two part project that is COMPLETE! I plan on sharing that on Saturday. But that is why more of the KAL cowl is not done. I needed some oopmf in my life and knitting on that "project" worked for me. I would have given a sneak peak but they are on the blocking boards. Yeah, I blocked something. Can you believe that? I hate blocking because I don't think I do it right.

I am itching to cast on something new, but I know I can't. This next week I want to work on the bear because it was supposed to be a Christmas present and then when that didn't happen it was changed to a birthday present. Birthday is in 29 days. Yep. Might be a Christmas gift yet!

What are you working on this week. Let me know and link me up so I can see (if you have a blog or through Ravelry if you are a Raveler.)

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Happy Wednesday & may your week be filled with happiness, fun and love.


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