The One with the Unnerving Change

So many things are changing. Just last week, Friday maybe, I clicked on my Google Reader button and was met with a notice that they were shutting Reader down. WHAT?!?! You are shutting down Reader?!?! But, but, but how will I read my blogs?

I thought perhaps I was the only one using Google Reader and that was why they were doing it. Because apparently they don’t know who I am and that I am to be treated like a Queen. But that doesn’t seem to hold true. At least the part about me being the only one to use Reader. I am quite certain they don’t know who I am…

There were some links floating around about alternatives to Reader. And so I have been trying a few things out. Feedly was my first test. I don’t like the layout and I don’t like the fact that the posts never go away like they do with Google Reader. You can’t just mark one as “read”, you have to mark the entire page. Sure it is easy to share a post and save it for later. And my twitter feed is on the side. But it is not Google Reader. And I haven’t found a “Skip” button like on GR. Grrrrrrrrr

I tried Bloglovin and am still trying to figure that out. Perhaps it is better suited on the iOS system and not on the Internet. I haven’t downloaded it yet.

I don’t know if Mr. Reader is going to work when GR goes away or not. I am not sure how anything is going to work. I don’t even want to use GR right now because I think it will make it that much harder when it does go away. I am just trying to find a good solution.

It’s weird because usually I don’t mind change. But this is actually quite unnerving.

Are you having trouble with the demise of Google Reader? Have you found a suitable alternative? Please let me know. I am three steps away from needing a supply of paper bags.

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