Saturday Share: March 9, 2012

I'm cutting it close to the wire for Saturday! Well I still have just under three hours MST.

On Sunday, while watching The Following on DVR, I knit this up

This is the garter version of the Leafy Washcloth by Megan Goodacre. I used Lion Cotton in Evergreen and a US 8 needle. I got most of the concave to block out. I could have been a little more aggressive with blocking.

This works up so quickly and is so easy to nail down the pattern. I love patterns that decrease down!

On Monday, while watching hockey, Dallas & The Following, I knit up this

Yep! The stockinette version of the same cloth. I used Lion Cotton again, only this time in Avocado. I think I like this version more because of the stem and it isn't quite as fat as the garter version. I have nothing against fat, Cooper and I are card carrying members of that society, I just prefer the bit more leafy shaped version better. Plus it blocked out a bit better.

I think I might need to rethink my US 8 selection for cloths. I might need to go to a US 7. I am just not getting the "tightness" I would like.

Both of the yarns were scraps that I have. I am doing my best to use scraps and cotton I already have. I have so much cotton that I don't need to buy any...probably ever!

Again, fun, quick knits that are great for a spring swap with the trees beginning to bud or a fall swap with falling leaves. I think working these up in a variegating fall or tonal color would be fun.

When the stockinette version was wet and blocking, it had the prettiest tonal coloring to it. It was sad to see that that didn't stay. Not that I expected it to, but oh it would have been pretty.

I hope your Saturday was full of sun and fun! We had a lovely blue Montana Big Sky with a bitter wind, but it is always lovely to see that gorgeous blue sky!

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Heather said…
I made both of these as well and was amazed at how well they responded to the blocking. I did have my doubts, but they turned out lovely. Very nice shades of green.

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